From the 11th this year! Conservation green turtles lost their way, stranded, sea patrol, immediate rescue and moisturizing

Published: 2024-07-23 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/07/23, The Yuanli Security Inspection Station of the third Bank Patrol of the Central Branch of the Maritime Patrol was informed on the 27th that a live green turtle ran aground on the beach in the effluent of Miaoli County and was disposed of at the scene by its colleagues in the sea patrol, while contacting the National Taiwan Ocean University and the Ocean.

11th this year! Conservation Green Turtle Strayed Sea Patrol Immediate Rescue Moisture Hold

On the 27th, part of the Coast Guard Administration's Third Coast Guard Yuanli Security Inspection Center received a public notification that there was a live green turtle stranded on the beach in Chushuili, Miaoli County. It was sent to the scene for disposal by the Coast Guard staff. At the same time, it contacted the National Taiwan Ocean University and the Marine Conservation Administration's Fourth Marine Conservation Workstation staff to cooperate with them. Subsequently, the National Taiwan Ocean University staff carried the green turtle back to care.

At 14:00 on December 27, 110, the Fourth Patrol District Command of the Coast Guard received a call from the public to report that a live turtle was found stranded on the shore of Chushui, Miaoli County. It immediately notified the Yuanli Security Inspection Station and Longgang Mobile Patrol Station to dispatch 2 vehicles and 6 personnel to rescue it. The turtle was initially measured to be about 52.5 cm long and 45 cm wide. After the coast guard took photos and transferred to the four workstations of the Marine Protection Administration, the "Sea Turtle Rescue Notification Group" was determined by the National Taiwan Ocean University as a protected green turtle. Subsequently, the coast guard personnel on the spot cooperated to transport the green turtle to the Yuanli Security Inspection Center for proper moisture and placement. After the Marine Protection Department and Ocean University personnel arrived one after another, they initially observed that the green turtle had no obvious signs of trauma and was stable. After consulting the Miaoli County Agriculture Department, the green turtle was handed over to Ocean University personnel for resettlement and care. The green turtle rescued on the 27th was the 11th turtle rescue case in the central sea area (Miaoli to Chiayi) this year. Fortunately, enthusiastic people reported it immediately, and relevant units went to deal with it, so that marine ecological conservation added another piece of good news. I hope there will be no more cases of marine life needing rescue or death this year.

The Third Coast Guard appealed: Marine conservation is the responsibility of every one of us who lives on this land. In order to provide future generations with richer natural resources, we should not only not overkill protected animals, but also actively protect our living environment. If people find whales, dolphins and turtles injured on the shore and need rescue, please call the Coast Guard Service Line 118. Coast Guard personnel will immediately send personnel to the corresponding location."Integrity is the core value of-", if the public found corruption, please call the ICAC hotline 0800-286-586 or the Coast Guard ICAC hotline 02-22399241 to report.