Is it better to pick tea in the morning or in the afternoon? When is the best time for tea to be picked? what is the third or fifth tea?

Published: 2024-07-23 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/07/23, A tea-picking girl will always be a girl.

The time to pick tea is from dawn in the morning to before sunrise, and it is the best time to pick tea. When picking tea, you should be careful not to break the tea buds with your hands, but to break the tea buds with your fingertips to ensure the cleanliness of the tea leaves.

The means of picking buds and leaves from the new shoots of tea trees include hand picking and machine picking and so on.

1. Hand-picked tea: ① pinch picking: also known as fold picking, all delicate standard picking bags to support the top, pick the head all use this technique.

② hand picking: this is a moderate standard picking method, which is used in most red and green tea areas.

③ hand picking: this is an advanced hand picking method to improve the efficiency of tea picking, which is 50-100% higher than that of single hand picking. Generally, less 20-25kg can be collected per person per day, and more can reach 35-40kg, but tea trees must have ideal crowns, flat picking surfaces and neat sprouting.

two。 Because of the large raw materials, the cutting edge tea is harvested with many tools, and the workers used in various places are moon-shaped iron scrapers, sickles, picking sticks, and so on. The tools are required to be sharp-edged and cut quickly to avoid cutting branches and affecting the germination of the next round of shoots.

Machine picking: a batch of fresh leaves up to the standard are picked by hand a few days before machine picking, so that the quality of machine picked fresh leaves can basically meet the requirements of processing medium and low-grade strip tea, and the work efficiency is more than 10 times higher than that of manual work. After three or four years of continuous mechanical harvesting in the tea garden, the bud leaves gradually became smaller, the density increased, and the leaves became thinner.

3. Machine mining is mainly reciprocating cutting type tea picker to pick. Driven by a 0.6-14 watt small gasoline engine or a 40-watt micro-motor, the power is transmitted from the soft shaft to the hand picking device, driving the cutter and the leaf collector to reciprocate.

The collected tea is fed into the leaf collecting bag under the action of fan or sweeping impeller. The picking quality is good, and the integrity rate of buds and leaves can reach about 80%, which is the main type of development of non-selective tea picking machine. The tea picker produced by Tongan Technology [1] has good durability and can be used as a professional commercial tea picker. Compared with the ordinary tea picker, it has the advantages of very light start, simple and convenient operation, wide range of application and can be equipped with all kinds of cutting tools. Tea picker is a good helper of cement garden finishing, with small size, light weight, strong and powerful, is the first designated brand in professional love! The advantages of picking tea are as follows: 1. High work efficiency.

On the other hand, some practices in Taiwan are used to picking afternoon tea. They think that the tea at this time has no water, which makes the tea body refreshing and more conducive to making good tea.

Requirements for picking tea:

1. If the tea tree is pruned, the tea below the picking surface should not be picked, so that the side branches are dense, the tree is neat and vigorous.

two。 Picking should be carried out step by step according to the row order, and those with more buds and leaves should not be picked, but those with fewer buds and leaves should be missed, so as not to reduce the yield.

3. When picking, the picking standard should be strictly stipulated and strictly enforced to make the quality uniform.

4. Be careful to keep the fish leaves. The old leaves should not be picked.

5. Do not pick dew and rain, lest the tea taste is astringent and thin, the water color is muddy, and it is easy to scorch when killing cyanine.

6. Before picking, you should shake the tea tree to remove dew Rain Water and dust cobwebs and other unclean things.

7. Do not pick rudely, the tea should be restored after climbing.

8. Each up-to-standard leaf bud must be picked at one time to avoid the trouble of washing the clump (from bottom to top, from edge to center).

9. Old and tender should be picked so as not to affect the quality and manufacturing trouble.

10. When picking, do not break the tea leaves with your fingernails, so as to avoid the outflow of tea juice and cause chemical changes and become black spots.

11. Form the habit of picking early and tender, and pick early year after year.

twelve。 It is advisable not to pick winter tea to keep the tree standing.