[culture method of Phnom Penh tequila] how to raise Phnom Penh tequila

Published: 2024-05-18 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/05/18, [culture method of Phnom Penh tequila] how to raise Phnom Penh tequila

Phnom Penh tequila is a perennial evergreen herb. The leaf of Phnom Penh tequila, a plant of the tequila family. Aliases: Phnom Penh lotus, tequila, Phnom Penh fake pineapple. It is used for cough, hematemesis and asthma. So, what are the functions of Phnom Penh tequila? Let's take a look.

I. Culture methods of tequila in Phnom Penh

Summer is its growing season. Water can be watered once a day. Do not tolerate thick fertilizer, do not apply oily fertilizer. It is best to change the culture soil when changing the basin every year, and water the palm water of Tamara once a month during the growing season. In order to cultivate tequila well, we should also pay attention to its reproduction. First, we can insert the buds next to the old plant into plain sand loam and take root in about 20 days. After the plant grows for a period of time, change the culture soil, the growth will be faster; the second is to split the old root into buds with five or six buds and water it a little after planting.

Generally speaking, the new buds can be divided after two or three years, while the old ones can be divided every year. Early resistance, not waterlogging, pay attention to add gravel, fine sand as water seepage layer when installing the basin. After entering the room in winter, keep the basin soil slightly wet, and the leaves should be sprayed with water frequently. During the overwintering period, you can also take out the plant, remove the soil from the roots, tie the leaves together with a rope, and hang them in a place away from wind and oil, without watering all winter. He went out of the room during the Qingming Festival the following year. Gradually increase the amount of water, and then continue to grow.

2. Aquaculture of tequila

Hydroponics should always get the place where the sun is good, and do not put it in a dark place for a long time, so that the leaves are easy to whiten and become thinner, thus losing ornamental value, pay attention to heat preservation in winter, put them near the window in the sunny place during the day, and put glass bottles in plastic or cardboard boxes if there is no heating at night. If the leaves turn yellow or droop downward, it may be frostbite. At this time, we need to give it some measures to keep warm. Then put it away from the doors and windows, and remember not to put it near the north. When changing water in winter, you can change water with warm water of 12 to 18 degrees. Tequila is resistant and can pass the winter safely as long as you pay attention to management.

Third, the function of Phnom Penh tequila

Phnom Penh tequila can be used as medicine: Phnom Penh tequila original tequila fresh juice (cut off the bud when flowering, that is, the natural flow) has the effect of light diarrhea and diuresis. It has some therapeutic effects on experimental glomerulonephritis in dogs. The leaf contains spicy volatile oil, which can be used as a local irritant. The extract of Agaveschottii from the same genus has an inhibitory effect on WACKER cancer-256, and its effective component is saponins (sapogenin is diosgenin). Phnom Penh tequila has the medicinal effect of moistening lung, resolving phlegm and relieving cough. It is used for cough, hematemesis and asthma.

Tequila can also purify indoor air: tequila can purify indoor air at night, mainly because it, like cactus, has the special function of absorbing carbon dioxide and expelling oxygen at night.