Buy and draw 7-11 virtual commodity cards on the Wuling cherry blossom tickets

Published: 2024-06-20 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/20, Taipei transfer Station APP promotes exclusive Wuling Sakura tickets [TB News] the global epidemic has resurfaced, and people who love to travel are planning travel itineraries one after another, among which Wuling Cherry Blossom season is a hot spot every year. Taipei transfer Station APP this year.

Wuling Cherry Blossom tickets are available to buy and draw 7-11 virtual commodity cards online.

Taipei transfer Station APP promotes exclusive tickets for Wuling Sakura appreciation.

[TB News] the global Covid-19 epidemic has returned, making it impossible for people to go abroad. People who love to travel plan their trips one after another, among which the Wuling cherry blossom season is a hot spot every year. "Taipei transfer Station APP" cooperates with Guoguang passenger Transport and Fengyuan passenger Transport again this year. Since January 6th, it has launched exclusive ticket purchase service for one-day tour of Wuling Farm to enjoy Sakura. With the movement of your fingers, you can buy tickets from Taipei, Ilan, Luodong, Lishan and Guguan. As long as you complete the ticket purchase and take the ride, you will have the opportunity to draw 7-11 virtual commodity cards. If you want to go to Wuling during the cherry blossom season to enjoy the cherry, you might as well buy a ticket online as early as possible.

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Taipei transfer Station APP will be launched in 2019, integrating Guoguang, Unification, Aloha, Gomalan, Hexin, and Taiwan Federation. More than 10 passenger operators, such as "check", "order", "pay", "take", "refund", "exchange", "check" and other ticket services can be completed online, and LINE Pay, street payment, and credit cards can also easily pay. At present, it has exceeded 200000 members and has sold a total of 500000 electronic tickets. In order to bring a variety of transport services to the Chinese, in addition to the first launch of the cherry-watching trip ticket purchase project, it also cooperates with Pacific Shipping to launch a small Ryukyu ticket, which is the lowest in the market at a limited time. In the future, it will cooperate with Triumph Shipping to sell high-speed passenger tickets of "cloth bag to and from Penghu". In addition, there will be a Taiwan Union passenger transport package of "Liufu Village round trip ticket including tickets". With so many travel itineraries, as long as you download APP from Taipei transfer Station immediately, you can easily book all-Taiwan transportation tickets, 88 and 99 Taiwan good routes, and electric locomotive rental. In addition, buying tickets under APP's real name and boarding with QR-code electronic tickets can put an end to epidemic prevention loopholes and make people feel more at ease when traveling. Taiwan's carbon reduction year 2022 allows us to do our part for the planet.

2022 app online ticket purchase in the first year of travel in the new era 7-11 virtual commodity card is easy to draw

"Taipei transfer Station APP" integrates a wide range of operators, with the most complete ride information, a real-name ride system to ensure the safety of you and me, mobile payments to keep up with the new 5G era, QR-CODE boarding is so convenient, no contact, no queuing, and the online price comparison of seats is really convenient. From now on, members are recommended to download and complete the APP of Taipei transfer Station. Presenters can get 10:00 transfer coin, and new users can download successful registration to send 20:00 transfer coin, which is equal to 1 yuan. 2022 Taipei transfer Station will provide more diversified goods and itinerary in the first year. Please look forward to it.