Penghu Tourism "Fireworks 20 Parade with You"

Published: 2024-05-18 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/05/18, (Taiwan TB News Network/Reporter Zhu Zhu) This year coincides with the 20th anniversary of "Penghu International Sea Fireworks Festival". The "Fireworks 20 Parade with You" sponsored by Penghu County will start registration on February 10! We invite tourism related organizations, public associations, schools, clubs...

Penghu tourism "sparks 20 accompany you parade" (Taiwan TB News Network / reporter Zhu Zhu) this year coincides with the 20th anniversary of the Penghu International Sea fireworks Festival. Registration for the Penghu County-sponsored "fireworks 20 Parade with you" began on February 10th. Invite tourism-related groups, public associations, schools, communities, street entertainers, corporate groups, the general public and tourists to sign up to participate, with the "Light / LIGHT/LINE- Fire 20 Penghu Light" colorful theme creative DressCode, to form a colorful street team with Penghu marine tourism characteristics and local culture. In addition, groups with enthusiasm, characteristics and highlights are welcome to participate in the selection to become a 20 reward and stampede group. The county government will provide incentives and subsidies to the stampede group to provide wonderful performances and invite you to become a shining new star in the fireworks parade. The general public and groups will register from now to March 27. The registration date for the reward and stampede group will run from now to March 20. Please go to Penghu Travel to search for relevant information.

Penghu County-Tourism Office said that this parade will specially invite professional parade performance teams such as Tiesi Emperor, NONAME Dance, lazy cylinder Art Studio to provide wonderful flash performances. In addition, it will also invite Di Xingren Primary School, Nanliao Community and Longmen Community to participate in street flash. In addition, teams who sign up to participate in the parade can further sign up for the "fireworks 20 Parade" stampede team to become a parade performance group. Create surprises and activities everywhere, create a happy carnival atmosphere for the 20th anniversary of the festival, and through the participation of organizations at all levels, symbolize that the festival has received support and assistance from all walks of life, and has accompanied many tourists who love Penghu through 20 years of history. Witness the growth of Penghu tourism and the growth, change and innovation of the festival.

The event is scheduled to start from the county square on the afternoon of Saturday, April 16. The parade route covers Chiang Kai-shek, Benevolence, Civil Rights and Minsheng Road and finally enters the home of the Guanyin Pavilion. The highlight will light up the "20 Penghu Light Tower". At the same time, the first set of "Penghu restricted" drones in this year's fireworks Festival will be set off with wonderful fireworks and fireworks shows. Tourists are welcome to join the villagers and turn the blocks of Magong City into an action stage. A grand celebration for the 20th anniversary of Penghu International Sea fireworks Festival.

For details of the event, please download the registration form on the Penghu Travel website and the fan pages of the Spark Festival FB and IG. The general public can complete the registration through the online google form. If you sign up and participate in the event, you can get a limited number of mysterious gifts until the amount is full.