2022 West Lake Happiness holds "Digital Revitalization Voucher" and draws iphone13 and laptop.

Published: 2024-06-16 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/16, Holding "digital revitalization coupons" consumption draws home iphone13 and notebooks [TB News Network] COVID-19 's epidemic has lasted for two years, causing a domino impact on the global economy, changing the industrial structure, and gradually turning consumption habits from offline to online.

2022 West Lake Happy holding "Digital Revitalization Voucher" drawing iphone13 and laptop

Take home iphone13 and laptop with "digital revitalization coupon" consumption.

[TB News Network] COVID-19 epidemic has lasted for two years, resulting in a domino impact on the global people's livelihood economy, but also changed the industrial structure, consumption habits have gradually changed from offline to online, and the recent epidemic has been repeated, shop business has been affected again, in order to find consumers for stores, Taipei Xihu Business Circle Promotion Association under the guidance of the Department of small and medium-sized Enterprises of the Ministry of Economic Affairs 2Accord7-3Universe 31 independently handles "2022 West Lake Happiness". It works with 26 member stores in the business circle, each of which offers surprise offers to welcome consumers. When spending, you can enjoy a 10% discount if you show "digital revitalization coupons". "Digital Revitalization" plus delivery also has exclusive good health, through the consumer lottery, there is an opportunity to bring iphone13 and advanced laptops home.

The Department of small and medium-sized Enterprises of the Ministry of Economic Affairs said that the West Lake Business District has a wide range of food and drinks, which has made restaurants and beverage shops unique among the major business circles in Taipei. As a result, it attracts the Neihu Science and Technology Park and other surrounding office workers to become the main consumer, with a solid base of customers, and belongs to a high-quality business area that is friendly in life, work, and leisure. Liu Yimin, chairman of the Taipei West Lake Business District Promotion Association, said that the West Lake Business District is in a meeting session in which tradition and innovation collide together. The Promotion Association, in conjunction with member stores, strives to inherit the tradition of "good food, good shopping, and good convenience" in this business circle. I also hope that through a variety of-tutoring resources Monica note, in the store management, business district features to strengthen, the surrounding environment to enhance and beautify. Among them, the management of "2022 West Lake Happiness" is to lead the public to spend money in the business circle, to communicate with member stores, and to let the public see the progress of the West Lake business circle.

2According 7-3Universe 31 "2022 West Lake Happy" 26 stores linked together

In order to encourage people to make more use of digital five-fold revitalization coupons, as long as they show digital revitalization coupons to 26 member stores in the West Lake Business District during the event, they can get a 10% discount and launch "Revitalization plus delivery". If the consumption is full, you can get two raffle tickets and two raffle coupons. You can get three raffle tickets for 500 yuan, and so on, the lucky draw time is 3ax 24, and receive the prize at 3max 25, the awards include iphone13, airpods pro, notebook computer, small household appliances and other gifts, the opportunity is rare, please seize the opportunity, the winning list will be in the West Lake Business District FB fans ( announcement).