The industry earns enough, but the garbage is dumped on the farmland? The three legislators asked the ministry to come up with a real way not to cover up the ears and steal the bell.

Published: 2024-06-24 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/24, The industry earns enough, but the garbage is dumped on the farmland? The three legislators asked the ministry to come up with a real way not to cover up the ears and steal the bell.


There is a lot of waste disposal in the country, and many remote villages and towns have even become a paradise for waste disposal. Legislators Hong Shenhan, Chen Suyue and Su Qiaohui invited non-governmental organizations, waste cleaners, the Environmental Protection Department, the Industry Bureau and the Construction Department to hold a public hearing yesterday, hoping to systematically solve and implement waste management and put an end to connivance. (Changhua into a paradise for illegal disposal of waste? The militia called for the establishment of a system)

Legislator: waste is not a single incident. The government should face it squarely.

Hong Shenhan went to Changhua last Saturday. He described the current situation of waste disposal as "beacon fires everywhere". The expressway on Taiwan 61 is like a broad road for waste dumping. "if you dump waste like this, you will feel hopeless. It seems that no matter how you throw it, no one cares!" He said with deep sorrow that because the current situation was very serious and Changhua was by no means a single case, he held a public hearing to invite relevant people to solve the problem.

According to Hong Shenhan's analysis, there are two major problems with waste: the flow of waste and insufficient disposal capacity. If the government does not establish a regulatory and enforcement mechanism that can be followed, it can only continue to put out the fire behind the illegal workers. The order of the industry should be established to give everyone a legal and safe road.

Legislator Chen Suyue says that local waste cleaners want to be dealt with in accordance with laws and regulations, but the waste just has nowhere to go. Although the Ministry of Economic Affairs has tried to reuse the waste, it is clear that the current capacity is seriously insufficient.

Legislator Su Qiaohui says bluntly that she has seen the plight of waste disposal in places, such as no place to lose tires, mattresses cannot be recycled, IC panels and metals in sound and light toys, which cannot be recycled as plastics, and so on. She believes that if new recycling technologies can be introduced, new industries can be created.

From left: legislators Su Qiaohui, Hong Shenhan and Chen Suyue jointly held a public hearing on waste management. (photography / Yang Yuyun) various ministries: "reuse" has achieved results, and legislators have approved that "just moving from here to there" is not managed at all.

According to Hsu Chih-lun's inspection of the EPA, there were 19.51 million tons of industrial waste to be disposed of in Taiwan in 109 years, of which 84.94% could be reused. The EPD has instructed manufacturers to set up boilers that convert combustible wastes into solid renewable fuels (Solid Recovered Fuel, SRF). It is estimated that a total of 15 manufacturers will be able to join the disposal by the end of next year.

At the same time, the EPD and the Ministry of Economic Affairs will also take stock of environmentally friendly land. 15 hectares of land have been released, hoping to increase the capacity of treatment facilities. In addition, it also instructs the industry to use recycled granules for local public works and land filling in port areas, and to carry out intensive management for reuse institutions, tracking to end-users and places of use, and suspending the authority of those whose inventory of recycled products is too high.

Zhou Chongbin, chief secretary of the Ministry of Industry of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, reported that the Industry Bureau has increased the inspection frequency and intensity of high-risk reuse agencies, and mediated reuse products to integrate international green supply chains. All kinds of applications that turn waste into energy have achieved results. Chen Jiming, deputy director of the Construction Department, said frankly that the construction mixture in the declaration system needs to be subdivided and will be subdivided in the future.