Huang Huiyu, a farmer in Chiayi: drug examiners who have fled to farmland use agriculture to take care of their families and ecology.

Published: 2024-06-24 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/24, Huang Huiyu, a farmer in Chiayi: drug examiners who have fled to farmland use agriculture to take care of their families and ecology.


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Huang Huiyu, a farmer in the hilly area of Ziyun Village, Zhuqi Township, Chiayi, used to work as a medical examiner. In order to take care of his elderly father, he went to the doctor to work as a farmer, and the ecological environment of the field, which has been cultivated with Xiuming farming method for several years, has become increasingly rich. There are also a small amount of good fruits and vegetables that can help more people eat healthily.

The beginning of farming began when my father gradually lost his mind, and in the past, the nature of the work of a medical examiner was unable to accompany his father's frequent need to see a doctor. Think about it. Farming seems to be a kind of work with high flexibility and autonomy. "if you have time, you will go to the fields diligently, and if you have no time, there will be long grass." Huang Huiyu began her farmers' daily life with the spirit of governing by doing nothing and letting nature take its course, and followed the spirit of Xiuming Natural Agriculture Law to cultivate fields and produce crops in a fertilizer-free and pesticide-free way.

In the early stage, Huang Huiyu started from the Shiping Agricultural Garden, and attended courses such as the Youth Farmer course of Chiayi Community University and the gardener program of the Council of Agriculture to learn the knowledge of agriculture and farming. At first, she adopted the organic farming method of applying organic fertilizer. Later, with the gradual completion of the agricultural knowledge system, it turned to produce agricultural food without chemical fertilizers and pesticides. And learn from Lin Huiwen of Happy Farm, Lin Yilong of Taitung Farmer, Chen Peiyun of Batian Green Farm, and other predecessors of friendly farming circles, and grow all kinds of seasonal fruits and vegetables with natural changes.

Although the crops are small, they are rich in ecology.

Because the Xiuming Agricultural Law advocates no pesticides and fertilizers, and avoids artificial intervention to awaken the natural soil fertility, Huang Huiyu's field has serious rodent damage before the ecological balance has been achieved. Once the whole corn field was eaten by a mole, and the crop that was lucky not to be eaten up by the animals was also small. "the things I grow are small, the taro is small, the pineapple is small, and I'm embarrassed to sell it at all." You can only eat by yourself or give it to your relatives and friends. "

Huang Huiyu looked at these petite crops and said that she had never been able to grow and sell them with large fruits, which was really shameful, but at the same time she carefully arranged these small taros into boxes, ready to be cooked and frozen and left to eat slowly. In the eyes of others, it is a bit like the feeling that mothers love very much no matter what their children look like.

Frankly speaking, the biggest dilemma on the road to farming is "Why do I always grow things so small?" Moreover, this doubt has been consistent all the way. After many years, it is still small taro, small radish, small potato, no matter what is small, but it is not panic to pursue "life is simple." we continue to face the earth with the principle of Xiuming agricultural law and reclaim land with peace of mind, so that the originally hard soil becomes softer and richer because of the increase of organic matter.

Life doesn't have the best of both worlds, but there is always a more beautiful side.

In addition to the small growth of crops, Huang Huiyu has another problem, that is, she doesn't know how to sell it, so she doesn't know how to sell it. "sometimes I really don't know how to sell it, so I eat or distribute it to my friends." She once spent more than NT $2,000 on seedlings, and after a season of hard farming, the final sales income was more than NT $1,000. She said faintly that "life is enough," and said that now this kind of life close to nature is ideal enough. Non-money sense of security is comparable.

Huang Huiyu always seems to see that she has been from 0 to 0.5 for a long time, but she doesn't find herself always