Pingtung County Fog Taiwan Cherry Blossom Season Pink Appears Romantic Spring Preferred Shenshan Line

Published: 2024-06-20 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/20, Pingtung County foggy cherry season since February romantic attack, pink flowers blooming embellished the mountains, beautiful cherry king is the flower season must visit! Pingtung "Taiwan Good Line-Shenshan Line" welcomes the cherry blossom event in Wutai, and from now on, the cherry blossom season is limited...

Pingtung county Wutai cherry blossom season pink tender debut romantic spring preferred Shenshan line

Pingtung County Wutai cherry blossom season in February romantic attack, pink and tender flowers blooming to adorn the hills, the most beautiful cherry king is a must visit! Pingtung "Taiwan Haoxing-Shenshan Line" welcomes the Futai Cherry Blossom event. From now on, we will launch the "Cherry Blossom season Limited Tour Tour", take a special car painted by the Bear Warriors, and the local guide will take you to visit Shenshan and Wutai tribes in depth, and stroll through the flower lanes, slate alleys, and the Pilgrimage Cherry Blossom King, and take a trip to enjoy the cherry blossom culture of the tribe. And during the Spring Festival, you can also take extra yards to draw red envelopes to increase your luck in the year of the Ox!

The 2021 Wutai cherry blossom season has started. While enjoying the cherry blossom season, Pingtung County-join hands with Wutai local merchants to launch the activity of "drawing red envelopes for the Spring Festival on the Shenshan Line". Everyone can smoke a limited number of red envelopes during the Spring Festival from February 12 to 16 (the first to fifth day of junior high school). Everyone has a prize and a gift. The content includes a number of good things in Pingtung, free exchange of tribal delicacies and value discounts on companion gifts. People are welcome to take the Shenshan Line for a spring cherry trip back to the year of the Ox.

The Shenshan Line is the first Taiwan good sightseeing cruise bus in Pingtung County, and it is a new mode of in-depth experience tourism in the original hometown of the tribe of "cars and others". Since its maiden voyage in August 109, it has received enthusiastic response and high praise from the public. "Taiwan good Line-Shenshan Line" adopts the reservation system, which must be booked 5 days before departure, with more than 5 people leaving and the seat quota is full. For details of the itinerary and ticket purchase, please visit the official website of "Mad fun Taiwan" (, or call 08-7237131: 253. In addition, Pingtung County-in conjunction with the epidemic prevention measures adopted by the Central epidemic Command Center to take public transport restrictions on diet, tourists are invited to wear masks throughout the journey on the Shenshan Line, banning diet except for supplementary water. at the same time, it calls on the whole people to "give priority to epidemic prevention and business as usual" in order to create a win-win situation.