Fan engulfed Sihu Township 02 "Green Energy Development is unjust, and residents criticize that" the country sacrifices the countryside and achieves the interests of a small number of people. "

Published: 2024-06-16 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/16, Fan engulfed Sihu Township 02 "Green Energy Development is unjust, and residents criticize that" the country sacrifices the countryside and achieves the interests of a small number of people. "


(continue the previous article) "of the 105 land fans in Yunlin County, 26 are inserted in Sihu Township, 5 of which surround me. This kind of green energy development is no different from plunder." Wu Lianjin, president of the Sihu Township Anti-Fan self-help Association, denounced this way of development, "it is like the state sacrificing the countryside, trampling on the people living here, and achieving the interests of a small number of people."

The anti-fan self-rescue meeting organized by Sihu Township visited all over Taiwan and saw that Wujia Village in Daan, Taichung, had accelerated the decline of the village and intensified the outflow of population. on the contrary, Yuanli, which successfully blocked the fan, continued to return the population, making the self-help Association more convinced that opposing the wind turbine was the right choice, otherwise Sihu Township, which had a serious population outflow, might face the crisis of destroying the countryside.

Film shooting / Lin Jiyang

Folks: do you deserve bad luck in places with a small population?

Pan Zhenggang, director of Dade Energy Yunlin Office, said publicly during the anti-fan struggle in Yunlin Taixi Township that the location of land-based wind turbines is not in densely populated areas, and the nearest villages are all more than 300 meters beyond the legal limit. As for the noise part, Dade's fans have been tested to meet the noise control standards category II rural standards, within plus or minus three decibels (background value).

Seemingly in line with the laws and regulations of the fan setting, why caused a huge backlash among residents? The dialogue between farmers and women who grow garlic in Xiwei Village is the common aspiration of the local villagers:

A: the manufacturer said that there are fewer people here, so they can do wind turbines. Where do we have no one? B: aren't we human? A: do you deserve to die if the grass is located (in rural areas)? This remark is really bad enough to spoil people. It's good if you don't say it, and you'll be furious when you hear it. B: that's right! There are people everywhere. How could there be no one here? A: the consortium was so rich that it went to sign a contract with the landlord. The landlord doesn't live here, but we still have to live here! B: manufacturers really shouldn't. They should go to the seaside. How can they come to our village? A: so we have to keep an eye on that manufacturer. if anyone wants to run in and start construction, we must inform it as soon as possible and everyone to block it. B: yes!

The two garlic farmers, Assang, cursed the wind turbine manufacturers who disrupted their lives and denounced those who betrayed the interests of the village. Photography Lin Jiyang

The same mood is also reflected in Ding Qixiang, who is staying in the countryside to work for agriculture. Ding Qixiang is also a member of the self-help Society. When it comes to the contents of the manufacturers' public speeches, he is furious. "what do you mean that we have relatively few people here? when we say this, we really get cheap and still behave well. it is simply bullying country people."

"it was originally a good thing for the government and the consortium to promote this green energy policy, but now the development has become a bully of agricultural and fishing villages, which makes us very disappointed. We don't ask for feedback or compensation. We can support ourselves if we want to make money. Anyway, you just don't want to come. " Ding Qixiang said.

Return to the hometown of young farmers: to return to their hometown down-to-earth, to start a business in agriculture, do not want the fan to disturb the situation again

Tsai Hui-Yun, a seventh grader, was tired of the mediocre life in Taipei and often missed her hometown, so she discussed with her family and decided to build a greenhouse farm in her hometown and embark on the road of returning home from farming. "I left Taipei for 20 years because my hometown is here and rooted in this land." She says that working in management in Taipei is very tiring, "but farming is different, and you will be rewarded as much as you do." Through the recommendation of friends and relatives, stable sales made her have great confidence in the farm.

In the face of the massive invasion of wind turbines, she believes that "it is unreasonable for power companies to sell the electricity earned by this kind of harmful villages and let consumers spend money on this kind of electricity." She was surprised that the government's policy allowed enterprises to overlap wind farms with residents' living areas. "the huge pressure of the wind turbine should not be so close to the village," she said. "

Cai Huiyun, a young farmer, returned to his hometown for the third year from farming. When he started his farm business, he hoped that his hometown would have other developments rather than become a wind farm. (photo by Lin Jiyang)

Green farmers, who are also opposed, are also 46-year-old Huang Sanbao. Huang Sanbao used to sell fruit in five shares. "when you rent a house in the city, you either pay the rent or spend it, or your hands are empty, so you might as well come back as soon as possible." He returned to his hometown to take over his parents' garlic fields. although farming was hard, it made him feel down-to-earth for the first time. Coupled with the fact that the price of garlic was good last year, he slowly saved a little savings. "after all, he is his hometown, stepping on his own land."

Cai Huiyun said, "Sihu Township can never agree to become a wind field, and gradually more and more people are coming back, unlike the past model in which information was underdeveloped and a small number of people dominated." Huang Sanbao also pointed out that most of the villagers are very concerned about this matter and do not want the whole township ridge to be threatened by wind turbines.