Wind turbines engulf Sihu township 01 "26 towers occupy the settlement, the wind and water tail have to be slaughtered?" Residents fight against windmills

Published: 2024-06-24 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/24, Wind turbines engulf Sihu township 01 "26 towers occupy the settlement, the wind and water tail have to be slaughtered?" Residents fight against windmills


"We usually have a northeast monsoon whizzing here, which is a natural sound, but the noise of the fan is not natural. How can the two sounds be compared?" The windy coastal villages and towns of Yunlin are developed by land-based wind power circle, and 105 of them are expected to be developed in Yunlin County, of which 26 are expected to be developed in Sihu Township, and the settlement is almost surrounded by wind turbines, which is like "needle insertion" tearing Sihu Township apart. Residents formed an "anti-windmill self-rescue association" to protest against the disorganized installation of wind turbines, which seriously interfered with life, noise and pressure will accelerate the loss of population and lead to the destruction of villages.

The developer in this case is Dade Energy Company, the predecessor of Yinhuawei Company, which caused a fierce struggle over the development of land wind turbines in Yuanli. This year, it also broke out a sea standoff with coastal fishermen over the development of Yunlin offshore wind turbines, and the contractor also sent people with knives to threaten the villagers. Of the 26 turbines planned by Dade Energy in Sihu Township, 5 have obtained construction permits, but construction has been suspended due to excessive rebound by residents to avoid conflict. The villages in Sihu Township are actively linked, and the villagers threaten that if developers start construction without authorization, they will not hesitate to take more drastic measures to block the construction.

Chen Taian, an associate professor at the Global University of Science and Technology, who has long focused on ecological and environmental issues in coastal areas, said that the way coastal green energy is being developed is shaping another kind of environmental injustice. "people here don't need so much electricity. In order to supply industrial areas or urban electricity, the consequences are borne by people in rural areas. Why do people in rural areas have such an obligation?" He asked.

The self-help Association specially went north to Fangyuan Wanggong in Changhua to observe the developed land wind turbines, and the comparison between the height and the residential buildings is quite amazing. (photo by Lin Jiyang) more than 20 giant towers such as the Sanyue Building in Xinguang cut the settlement, and young people gathered to defend their hometown.

Sihu Township is located in the coastal zone of Yunlin, which is worthy of the name. Most of the villagers grow garlic, peanuts or farming. In coastal villages, due to the hardship of life, most people leave their homes to make a living. Sihu has become the township with the highest population outflow in Yunlin County and the second highest in the country. However, in recent years, because it is not easy to live in cities, many young people have returned home to start their own businesses.

Now that huge windmills are about to surround the village, the always silent village, led by a group of young people in action, has gradually expanded the setting of wind turbines from a small number of people to a public issue of the whole township, causing coastal township residents to think about what kind of future they need.

Wu Lianjin is a native of Xiwei Village, Sihu Township, who lives in Sanzhong. When the villagers mentioned that foreign businessmen wanted to come into the village to build a wind farm, the large wind turbines were more than 100 meters high. He converted them into more than 20 giant towers equivalent to the height of the Xinguang Sanyue Building, which were inserted directly into Sihu Township. The more he thought about it, the more wrong he became. He ran back and rushed back to ask the village head to find out.

Wu Lianjin travels every week to protect the native land, hoping to keep the beauty of life for the village. (photo by Lin Jiyang) Uncle has been a pussy since childhood.

At the request of Wu Lianjin, the village head held the first villagers' meeting in March, but only a dozen or so people were scattered. Wu Lianjin, who is full of action, does not believe that it would be better to turn Sihu Township into a windmill township, and insists that the villagers discuss the matter from the beginning. However, because he had been away from home for too long and had unfamiliar neighborhoods, he had to be persuaded by people who lived in the countryside, so he went to Wu Zhonghe, an old childhood acquaintance.

Wu Zhonghe, a chicken farmer, has a strong personality. After graduating from college, he can be regarded as a young man who has read books in the village. Apart from inspecting the automatic chicken coop, he usually writes calligraphy and plays the guitar in the garage. When Wu Lianjin invited to participate in the anti-windmill self-rescue meeting, Wu Zhonghe could not help thinking of his previous memories.

"when the weak and young children in Chuang are bullied, they will return the color when they join them. From then on, no one dared to bully Tsai in Xiwei Village. He always stood out for everyone. He was such a pussy." Wu Zhonghe believes that a wandering son like Wu Lianjin is willing to come back to protect his hometown, and since he usually does not ask about rural affairs, he has no position to refuse, so he has no choice but to promise to "pick up the wind," and act as the convener of the anti-fan self-rescue meeting in Xiwei Village.