The first choice for New Year gifts is "Chiayi Youxian", Chiayi Agricultural Products will accompany you for a good New Year.

Published: 2024-06-20 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/20, Chiayi Youxian Agricultural Special Products, which are the most local and high-quality products, are on sale in National Highway No.1 and No.3 Service Areas. Chiayi County Mayor Weng Zhangliang went to Dongshan Service Area of National Highway No.3 on February 7 to understand the sales situation. Weng Zhangliang said that the Spring Festival is coming, and the county government is in the service area of Chiayi Youxian...

"Chiayi Youxiang" is the first choice for New year gifts, and Chiayi agricultural products will accompany you for a good New year.

The most local and high-quality Chiayi excellent and fresh agricultural products were put on the shelves at No. 1 and No. 3 service areas of the National Highway. Weng Zhangliang, the head of Chiayi County, went to the Dongshan service area of Guo3 on February 7 to learn about the sales situation. Weng Zhangliang said: the Spring Festival is coming, and the goods sold by the county government in the Chiayi Youxian special area of the service area are all produced by excellent farmers, the quantity is small, and they are rare in the market. When they are tired of driving around the service area, they must be very happy to buy some good things of hometown flavor to send their friends or take them back to the elderly to eat.

Chiayi County-launched a series of annual sales activities in cooperation with Nanren Lake Company, a subsidiary of Sandi Group, and launched a "first choice Chiayi delicious" exhibition in the West Luo and Dongshan Service area, No. 3 National Road. There are Chiayi green farmers from Minxiong, Taibao, Liujiu, cloth bag and Takasaki, bringing seasonal greenhouse jade girl tomatoes, colored tomatoes, Maogu mandarins, jujube gift boxes and Platycodon grandiflorum flowers. Such as a variety of products, so that the public can buy high-quality agricultural special products in the national highway service area at one time.

In addition to the "Chiayi excellent fresh" product area of Dongshan Service area, No. 3 National Road and the southward service area of West Luo, No. 1 National Road, in order to match the upsurge of Chinese New year gifts, during the Spring Festival, we have set up "New year's Day good gifts in my Jia" gift zones in Zhongli, Hukou, Guankeng, Guanmiao and other service areas. selected commodities include small fruit tomatoes, Alishan tea, Maogu mandarin, honey, fish pine, meat pine, quail eggs, non-toxic rice and other exquisite festival good things. On the way to the north and south during the people's New year Festival, you can choose and buy the good taste produced in Chiayi County in the service area.