Did you buy flowers for the New year? Tulips and hyacinths take you abroad, and potted plants bring happiness and add new fashion packaging.

Published: 2024-06-16 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/16, Did you buy flowers for the New year? Tulips and hyacinths take you abroad, and potted plants bring happiness and add new fashion packaging.


During the Spring Festival, they want to be full of flowers at home, but they are worried that the flowers are easy to wilt and waste their wallets. Do you hesitate to buy flowers in the end?. In fact, flowers can also have a long shelf life, as long as you buy potted flowers instead! In addition to the auspicious implication of the New year, the potted plants introduced below can last for several months as long as they are taken good care of.

Coupled with the stylish packaging of potted plants with hand gifts, spring gifts are more generous (photography / Yang Yuyun) tulips, hyacinths and other bulbous flowers take everyone abroad.

Because the epidemic blocks the road out of the country, this Lunar New year can only stay in Taiwan. Come and visit Europe together with the "upstream and downstream". Flowers. Whether it is tulips, solitary flowers, hyacinths, irises, put a few pots at home, immediately spring all over the world.

Bulb flowers such as tulips are characterized by bright and full color, which is most suitable for the joyous atmosphere of the Spring Festival, and this kind of plant is easy to take care of and does not need too much sunshine, as long as it is placed on the windowsill. Put the bulb flowers in a row, put them all over the place, and create a false feeling of going abroad. Pour a glass of red wine and make a cup of full-bodied coffee to blow up your imagination. It's Holland, France and Switzerland. It's your choice.

The only shortage of Chinese daffodils in bulbs this year is mainly due to the fact that the bulbs failed to reach Taiwan due to the epidemic. However, looking carefully, there are still daffodils in the flower market that can be replaced. In addition, freesia is also in flowering season, and its faint aroma is similar to that of daffodils. Friends who like the scent of flowers at home might as well give it a try. If the two colors match, choose the combination of goose yellow and white, there will be a sign of "gold and jade glow".

During the Spring Festival, brightly colored tulips are placed at home to create a happy atmosphere. (photo / Yang Yuyun) the pot plants with their own joy satisfy the "ritual feeling" of the Spring Festival.

However, if we pay attention to the "sense of ritual" of the traditional Lunar New year, several kinds of potted plants cannot be ignored, which is the main reason why nearly 80% of the potted plants sold by shops in the flower market are the same.

Lin Hongyan, director of the planning office of Taipei Flower production and Marketing Co., Ltd., says that just as Christmas requires Christmas trees and Christmas red, and pumpkins are indispensable for Halloween, the Lunar New year is to buy potted flowers with auspicious meanings to meet the occasion. Such as marigold, longevity flowers, pineapple, kumquat, bamboo, etc., quickly move a few pots home to decorate!

If you want to be lucky, you must have a pineapple. There are many varieties of pineapple with beautiful names. The movements of golden diamond, Ruyi, jade fan, giant, orange and red make people relaxed and happy. In addition to potted plants, pineapple flowers also have cut flowers. These flowers are durable and are the first choice during the Spring Festival.