What kind of soil should I use to grow flowers? What kind of soil is good for potted flowers?

Published: 2024-05-21 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/05/21, What kind of soil should I use to grow flowers? What kind of soil is good for potted flowers?

There are more and more people growing flowers. What kind of soil to use to grow flowers is a difficult problem. Today, I would like to share with you what kind of soil to use to grow flowers. What kind of soil is good for potted flowers?

What role does soil play in the growth and development of flowers:

Soil is an important matrix for the cultivation of flowers, the material basis for the survival of flowers, and the main source of water, fertilizer, gas and heat for the growth and development of flowers. This is because soil is made up of minerals, organic matter, soil moisture and soil air. Minerals are the basic substances that make up the soil, which can provide a variety of nutrients for flowers. Organic matter can not only supply nutrients for flower growth, but also play an important role in improving soil physical and chemical properties and soil aggregate structure, as well as water conservation, water supply, ventilation, temperature stability and so on. Soil moisture is an indispensable material condition for flower growth. Soil air is not only the source of oxygen needed by flower root absorption and microbial life activities, but also an important condition for soil mineral further weathering and organic matter transformation to release nutrients. Scientific experiments have proved that the soil suitable for plant growth accounts for about 38% of the soil by volume, 12% of organic matter, 15% of soil air and 15% of soil moisture. According to data, the suitable water content for the growth of general flowers and plants is 25% of the soil volume, and air also accounts for 25%. Because some people do not understand the above truth, when cultivating potted flowers, they do not change pots and soil for a long time, resulting in the deterioration of soil physical and chemical properties, poor ventilation and permeability, and lack of nutrient elements, resulting in poor growth of flowers, yellowing leaves, less flowering, or even no flowering. therefore, in order to raise potted flowers, we should pay attention to changing pots and changing soil at the right time.

What kind of soil is good for potted flowers:

Potted flowers have more stringent requirements on soil than open-field flowers because their roots can only move in a very small range of soil. On the one hand, it requires nutrients as far as possible, containing nutrients needed for flower growth in the limited basin soil; on the other hand, it requires good physical and chemical properties, that is, loose structure, strong water-holding capacity, suitable pH and good fertilizer preservation. Because of this, when growing flowers, we should try to choose neutral or slightly acidic soil with good aggregate structure, loose and fertile, good water retention and drainage performance, and rich humus. This kind of soil is light in weight, large in porosity, well ventilated and rich in nutrition, which is beneficial to the root development of flowers and the healthy growth of plants. If flowers are planted in clayey soil with poor ventilation and permeability, or in pure sandy soil with poor nutrition and poor water and fertilizer conservation, or in alkaline soil, for the vast majority of flowers, it is easy to cause growth weakness or even death. But the soil conditions mentioned above are not available in any kind of natural soil. Therefore, it is necessary to choose artificial culture soil for potted flower soil. This kind of culture soil is made by mixing more than two kinds of soil or other matrix materials according to the different growth habits of flowers and plants, in order to meet the needs of different flowers.