How does flower fertilization not hurt the root? Fertilization technology of flowers

Published: 2024-06-20 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/20, How does flower fertilization not hurt the root? Fertilization technology of flowers

Flower cultivation seems to be becoming more and more popular, and many people will raise a few pots at home, which not only has a high appreciation and improves household taste, but also has an excellent effect on purifying the air, so it is reasonable for people to love growing flowers. However, if you want flowers to grow well, water and fertilizer are indispensable, and many flower friends have a particular headache for fertilization, feeling that it is a particularly troublesome thing, and they are slightly careless, not only without nourishing the flowers, but also hastening their death. In this issue, the editor shares a tip on fertilizing for flower friends, hoping to be helpful to them.

First of all, before fertilizing, we can prepare some materials, such as a handful of simple, a plastic bottle and some common household waste that can be retted into chemical fertilizer, as well as flowers that need to be fertilized. Ordinary mineral water bottles can be used for plastic bottles, and the length should not exceed the height of the flowerpot. We cut off the bottom of the bottle with scissors, and then bury the whole cut plastic bottle in the flowerpot. The soil surface only needs to reveal the bottle cap. It should be noted that the bottle is not too close to the flower root, so as to avoid damaging the root system when adding fertilizer.

We take out the materials prepared for retting, such as fruit peel and green vegetable leaves, etc., first cut these things into fragments, and then unscrew the cap of the bottle in the soil and throw the cut things into the mouth of the bottle. Remember to tighten the bottle cap after you throw it away. In this way, these peels and vegetable leaves will slowly ferment in the bottle, and after the fermentation is completed, the flowers will be nourished directly from the bottom of the bottle, and there is no need to fertilize the flowers again. Is it simple and convenient? save a lot of trouble.

And this method of fertilization will not hurt the roots of flowers, we do not need to control the amount of fertilizer or consider the time of fertilization, we only need to add some peels and vegetable leaves to the bottle every two or three months during the flower growing period, but do not add too much, almost half a bottle. If you are still worried about fertilizing flowers, you might as well try Xiaobian this method, so that fertilization is not so complex, instantly become simple and effective.