Flower pruning and shaping to achieve flowering effect

Published: 2024-05-18 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/05/18, Flower pruning and shaping to achieve flowering effect

We know through experiments that whether flowers can bloom or not is determined by the state of their growth. Usually, sugars are dominant in plants to promote flowering. When the plant growth is weak, the flower bud cannot be formed, but when the growth potential is very strong, the flower bud can not be formed either. This is a contradiction, but in production, some flowers that do not have strict requirements for vernalization and light conditions of fish can be pruned to guide nutrient transport to control the vegetative growth of the plant, prevent its branches and leaves from being too luxuriant, and transform it into reproductive growth. blossom as soon as possible. Here we mainly introduce the method of changing the florescence through pruning and plastic surgery, so as to achieve the effect of flower regulation and flowering.

Control method.

The flowering period can also be changed when the leaves are removed at the early or late stage of flower growth. In the process of planting, circle branch treatment is used for overgrowing and overgrowing branches, and root cutting treatment is used for overgrowing plants, which can promote the florescence ahead of time. In addition, the overgrowing flowers can be cut around, and the phloem of the plant can be cut with a knife, down to the xylem, with a perimeter of 1x4-1gam3, which can promote the formation of flower buds in early spring.

When the vegetative growth reaches a certain extent, some woody flowers can blossom many times as long as the environmental factors are appropriate, and pruning can be used to make woody flowers sprout new branches and bloom continuously, such as rose, Guangdong ivory red and so on.

Plant coring treatment can prevent the growth of main branches and promote the germination of axillary buds on the main branches, thus producing more flower branches, so coring is an important means to increase the number of flower branches. Peeling buds is also one of the commonly used measures, peeling lateral buds can concentrate nutrients and promote the flowering of main buds; on the contrary, if the main buds are stripped, lateral buds can be used to delay flowering.

Through the above methods, we can get plants with different flowering time and change the flowering period under the same growth environment.