What if the leaves of potted flowers turn yellow?

Published: 2024-06-20 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/20, What if the leaves of potted flowers turn yellow?

The yellowing of leaves of potted flowers is a headache for many people. Today, the editor will share with you what to do about the yellowing of leaves of potted flowers.

The main reasons for the yellowing of leaves of potted flowers are as follows:

1. Water yellow: excessive water and stagnant water in the basin soil will lead to plant root disease and rot, which is characterized by dark and dull leaves and shrunk shoots.

Solution: control the water, loosen the soil in time and let the water evaporate as soon as possible.

2. Dry yellow: contrary to water yellow, it refers to the phenomenon of yellowing of plant leaves caused by lack of water caused by improper watering for a long time. For example, often pour "half of the water", or the basin soil is too full, can not pour through, and so on, showing that the new leaves have a normal leaf color, but the old leaves slowly dry and yellow from the roots.

Solution: take out too much basin soil, pour water through, or use the soaking method to let the basin soil absorb water.

3. Fat yellow: too much fertilization makes the new leaves thicker and unstretched, while the old leaves turn yellow and fall off.

Solution: stop fertilizing, water frequently, or sprinkle some leafy vegetable seeds in the basin to pull them out when they germinate and grow to a certain height, so as to consume too much fertilizer.

4. Lack of fat and yellow: yellowing of leaves caused by long-term failure to change pots and soil, insufficient fertilization, or too small pots.

The solution to yellowing the leaves of potted flowers: apply fertilizer and water in time according to the needs of plant growth, change the pot and change the soil once in one or two years, and apply sufficient base fertilizer when changing the pot.