The underworld and the threat of litigation do not flinch! The villagers of Longyi protested, and Kunyu's landfill was forced to enter the landfill without EIA.

Published: 2024-05-18 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/05/18, The underworld and the threat of litigation do not flinch! The villagers of Longyi protested, and Kunyu's landfill was forced to enter the landfill without EIA.


(by upstream and downstream journalist Yang Yuyun and trainee journalist Li Yukai)

Kunyu forcibly set up a waste landfill in Longyi Village, Miaoli, threatening the surrounding 500 hectares of fertile land to use water. Residents stayed overnight for many days to guard the land to prevent the entry of waste, and protested that the Miaoli county government released water in disregard of the rights and interests of residents. Today (25), nearly 100 villagers and a number of Miaoli congressmen went northward to make representations to the Environmental Protection Agency, the Council of Agriculture and the Executive Yuan, and put forward five major demands and asked the central government to respond.

Lin Congmin, chairman of Longyi Community Development Association, said that he came to the Environmental Protection Agency twice for very different reasons. last time, he came to receive the award because the community won the Bronze Award for low-carbon Sustainable Homeland, but this time it was to protest against waste pollution. He called on the competent authorities to safeguard the property rights, work rights and survival rights of Longfu villagers.

Anti-Kun Yu career waste landfill self-rescue will bring a large number of community awards to the Executive Yuan. (photo / Li Hankai) the villagers are not afraid of the threat to fight pollution in the waste landfill

The Kunyu waste landfill was developed 20 years ago. Because the site is only 300 meters away from the irrigation reserve pool of Mingde Reservoir, it may affect 500 hectares of fertile land. In addition, Kunyu first developed 1.9 hectares, evading the requirement of environmental impact assessment for 2 hectares, and was unwilling to communicate with the villagers of Longyi. He also allowed gangsters to threaten. All kinds of bad behavior caused the two Miaoli County chiefs to reject it for four times, and their license was finally revoked. The Kun Yu case was stillborn.

However, at the end of last year, Kun Yu restarted the development project, and only ten days after the trial operation plan was sent to the county government, the county magistrate Xu Yaochang passed it quickly, causing an uproar among the people. Longyi villagers have formed a self-help association, which has been cooking in front of Kunyu since January 5, with a 24-hour shift to prevent waste from entering the landfill.

According to the documents released by the county government, there is no shortage of suspected toxic substances such as scrap metal and slag in the 8223 metric tons of waste that Kunyu will bury, and the landfill has no protective facilities and is only covered with a simple tarp. The villagers' worries are by no means aimless. Chen Qingxin, president of the self-help Association, ironically said that although Kun Yu's burial plans and facilities remained unchanged for 20 years, the way of threatening villagers kept pace with the times. "in the past, underworld threats were used, but now the means of litigation are used to accuse the villagers of compulsory crime and embezzlement, but such a means will only make us villagers more United and will never succumb to such bad means."

Chen Qingxin, president of the anti-Kunyu career waste landfill, said that in the face of bad-quality manufacturers and county governments, the villagers will never flinch. (photo _ Li Jiankai) villagers accused of "collusion between government and business" Miao County government responded coldly

The self-help Association rented two sightseeing buses to take the villagers "north to complain." before leaving, they went to the Miaoli county government to protest, questioning the county government's agreement to try the operation, including the blue and green camp, the people's generation also expressed support for the villagers, pointing out that without the instructions of the top officials of the county government, the Environmental Protection Bureau could not dare to let it go at will.

Shen Fengtai, deputy director of the Environmental Protection Bureau, came forward to accept the petition from the Miao county government. He pointed out that Kun Yu is only qualified for trial operation, and the whole case is still in the application process. He also stressed that the relevant actions of the EPA are all based on the law, but he will also refer to the opinions of the villagers and include them in the follow-up review. When the self-help Association asked the Environmental Protection Bureau to reply within a week whether Kun Yu's trial operation license could be revoked to make the villagers feel at ease for the Spring Festival, Shen Fengtai only responded with "administration in accordance with the law."

Two generations fight against pollution. There is no way to have a good year this year.

The self-help Association then went northward to the gates of the Environmental Protection Agency, the Council of Agriculture, and the Executive Yuan, so that government officials could hear the cries of the villagers in Longyi community.

Chen Qingxin, president of the self-help Association, spoke first. He excitedly mentioned that his father was the president of the self-help Association 20 years ago, and he carried the heavy burden after his father died. He lamented that Kun Yu had tortured the villagers for 20 years, and this year made it impossible for everyone to have a good New year. However, the United villagers will certainly do their best to resist, and they also hope that the central units will come forward to investigate and intervene so as to do justice to the villagers.

Chen Wu Manyu, head of Longyi Village, said that the restaurant run by the family at that time was set on fire by a man in black, but now he still has lingering fears, but as the head of the village, he must be the mouthpiece of the people. She said she didn't know much, but she knew very well that industrial waste landfills would pollute villages and fertile fields. Government officials were asked to sympathize with the villagers' hard work and stop Kun Yu's trial operation as soon as possible, so that the villagers could have a good New year.