The trendy Taiwan "double mouth Lu let" A Mammy Brand Cooking Kitchen magnificently turn around and start to make a protective culture

Published: 2024-06-20 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/20, The trendy Taiwan "double mouth Lu let" A Mammy Brand Cooking Kitchen magnificently turn around and start to make a protective culture

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At the age of 25, when life is sailing, no matter whether they are studying or working, they all stand on tiptoe and look into the distance, as if the progressive and bright future lies ahead and needs to be caught up with.

But one young couple chose to turn around and set up a family business in a forgotten and abandoned tradition, guarding a courtyard in Taxi. They wanted to steam a modern sense of happiness in the hearts of the old QQ's "Mammy Brand" rice dot. How to eat rice according to the season? Look at this)

Huang Tengwei and Zhou Peiyi established the brand of "Shuangkou Lu" with Grandma's husband's surname to inherit the skills of Yi. (photography / Yang Yuyun) answer foreigners' big leisure questions with the cuisine classroom of "Yi"

Huang Tengwei and Zhou Peiyi, two young people who grew up in Taoyuan, were in high school. After marriage, they gave birth to two children, one is a baby daughter, and the other is the "dual-mouth Lu Culture Kitchen."

Shuangkou Lu is a cuisine classroom that specializes in teaching people traditional cooking points. Interestingly, what is rejected by the younger generation is promoted by two fashionable and stylish young people who not only make delicious food, but also have a good taste, as well as the allusions, ups and downs, and changes in the long river of Min-Ke rice food culture. turn out a delicious chapter of rice cake between their lips and teeth.

How could two young people in the second class of seventh grade be obsessed with such an old thing? It started with a self-help trip in 2014. Huang Teng-Wei and Zhou Peiyi spent three and a half months wandering in the ten countries of Western Europe, looking at "the cultural property left by other people's ancestors." while they envied them, they also thought from time to time: is there no great old thing in Taiwan?

In addition, in order to save money, the couple bought food by themselves and cooked three meals in the shared kitchen. It is said that "diet" is the easiest tool to make friends. When people from different countries get together, people will naturally ask, "what is the food that best represents Taiwan?" Huang Tengwei intuitively answered Xiaolongbao, stinky tofu and pearl milk tea, but was pressed: "can you make it?" It was only then that they realized, no, they didn't grow up eating this food.

Important moments in life, such as birthdays, celebrations, and longevity of the gods, are all accompanied by red turtles. (provided by Shuangkou Lu) one is reluctant to give up and the other is not convinced to pass on the skills of Yun.

Bring a random question from a foreign friend back to Taiwan, and the couple work hard to find the answer. Chou Peiyi studied everywhere, while Huang Tengwei recorded snacks and handicrafts from all over Taiwan on his blog. As they go to work, they move toward their goals. They know that many things in Taiwan will disappear because of the death of their elders. "instead of criticizing them, they might as well do something."

Chou Peiyi said, "my mother's generation happened to be the era of Taiwan's economic take-off. They worked in factories. She didn't learn the necessary skills for women in agricultural society." Chou Peiyi can still eat granny's bread, "but can the children of the future still eat it?" With unforgettable concern, she decided to keep her grandmother Lu Liu Awei's craftsmanship.

It's just that even Grandma hasn't been married for more than 20 years. Her granddaughter and son-in-law want to learn. Instead of being happy and happy, Grandma is angry and confused. "it's very hard to do thing.Why should my granddaughter be so tired?" This is an accusation against Huang Tengwei: "A piece of rice sells for only 30 yuan. What is the point of learning this?" This is a puzzle to Zhou Peiyi. The two people can only please and be naughty in every way, and it took them two or three years to learn the manufacturing process of all kinds of cooking points step by step.