Imported pork is right next to you, and it is difficult to guarantee the source of the Taiwan pig logo. How long can the local pig craze last?

Published: 2024-06-16 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/16, Imported pork is right next to you, and it is difficult to guarantee the source of the Taiwan pig logo. How long can the local pig craze last?


In response to Lai Pig's entry into the GATT, all domestic pork products must be marked with origin from this year. Under the demon mirror of the "country of Pork Origin" sign, Kanto cooking, roast meat bento, and ham and bacon hot dogs all show the original shape of "imported pigs." it was only then that consumers discovered that their lives had long been full of imported pork.

On the other hand, the "Taiwan pig" logo has also blossomed all over the floor, and has become an amulet of "blessings and blessings" on the store. Under the premise of a shortage of inspectors, there may be misgivings that "Taiwan pigs are posted and imported pigs are sold." People seem to have the right to know and can choose the country of pork for consumption, but if law enforcement is not effective, the origin label will be in vain.

Although Taiwan's pig farmers emphasize the competitiveness of local pork and are happy to see people name their consumption, the business of many stores that claim to use imported pork has not declined. I am afraid that the duration of this Taiwan pig craze is not optimistic.

Chain superstore Guandong cooking, there are pork products are marked with the origin, many of the use of imported meat. (photo / Yang Yuyun) it turns out that imported pigs are right next to you and me.

According to the latest origin marking regulations for pork raw materials, whether packaged or in bulk, food sellers are required to mark the origin (country) of pork raw materials from January 1, 110, and the slaughtering place (country) is required as the origin. In order to avoid businesses being at a loss as to what to do, Minister Chen Shizhong of the Ministry of Health and Fuzhou also visited various parts of the country to publicize and coach business marking methods.

As a result, restaurants announced the use of pork origin information one after another, and it was only then that people found that foods that were "not Taiwanese pigs" had long been flooded in our lives. In addition to bacon, ham, hot dog and hamburger meat that are easy to associate with, there are traces of imported pigs in the pork noodle chain, Kanto cooking, frozen dumplings, Mapo bean curd stewed rice, pork noodles roasted with spring onions, and so on.

In addition, imported pork is also used in Hong Kong-style dim sum boiled rice, Nanyang cuisine pork bone tea, Macau pork chop buns, breakfast restaurant fried dumplings, braised pearl rice burgers and Vietnamese-style fried spring rolls.

This not only greatly hits the officials who vowed that "imported pigs are not delicious, you can know as soon as they are imported", but also makes people doubt their own "mouth-to-mouth".

The coffee shop chain uses imported pork, and visitors remain unaffected as usual. (photo / Yang Yuyun) the logo of "Taiwan Pig" blossoms everywhere. Is there a blessing on it?

On the other hand, Taiwan pig badges also blossom everywhere, like a cluster of chaos. The competent authority for food labeling was originally the Ministry of Weifu, but other units, as if they were worried about failing to contribute to Taiwan pigs, have launched various Taiwan pig labels. Some netizens smiled and asked, "can I exchange prizes after all collection?" The central government includes the Council of Agriculture, the Ministry of Health and Welfare, and the Ministry of Economic Affairs; at the local level, there are county and municipal governments and health bureaus; and even stores have their own designs.

Wu Junming, director-general of the Fengjia sightseeing Night Market Management Committee, points out that the stalls are willing to cooperate with the government's regulations. "but can we not be like a horse-drawn carriage?" The space for vendors is small, but they have to put up a bunch of signs, business registration certificates, health certificates, and non-basic reform certificates, and now there is another Taiwan pig certificate: "Why not directly control it from the source, and a certificate will solve everything?"

A Taiwanese restaurant in Taoyuan told the reporter: "I choose to paste this pink one (Taoyuan municipal government version), which is more beautiful." There are four other drawers. Which one would you like to see? "