How to keep the soil from getting sick? The BD farming method brings together the blessings of the universe, "give back as much as you take from the earth."

Published: 2024-07-23 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/07/23, How to keep the soil from getting sick? The BD farming method brings together the blessings of the universe, "give back as much as you take from the earth."


Have you ever heard of BD (Bio-dynamic) farming method? This sounds a bit mysterious friendly agricultural method, it is difficult for outsiders to get a peek at Tang'ao. In Dongshi, Taichung and Dongshan, Ilan, there are a group of farmers who deeply believe that they sprinkle a seemingly fantastic formula in the fields, which actually contains the secret meaning of harmony between heaven and earth.

The Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner (Rudolf Steiner) gave eight agricultural lectures in 1924, which was the beginning of the BD agricultural law. After that, the agricultural law was pursued and promoted by the ancient European agricultural organization Demeter, and has spread all over the world today.

The BD farming method was introduced in Taiwan around 2010, but at first it was mostly the promotion of ideas, and it was not until recent years that farmers began to realize it in the fields. Although the number of BD farmers is small, and there are less than 100 people in Taiwan, the concept of friendly land in this agricultural law is worth learning.



The ox horn buries the earth, the buck bladder installs the grass, invites the cosmic energy convection

BD's most famous recipe is ox horn. After the Autumn Equinox, at dawn, the fresh, warm cow dung was filled into the cow's horns and buried in the soil for six months to ferment. The special shape of the cow's horns will keep the strong stars and "ether" energy in the manure.

The next year, the Spring Equinox took it out from the ground and, in the range of the moon, chose a warm, moist evening, put the formula in a bucket, injected water, and the farmer stirred happily for an hour. Through stirring, the surrounding energy was invited into the water. Positive rotation stirred out of the whirlpool, and then reverse spin out of the spray to stir out the whirlpool, so that the formula can effectively improve the vitality of the soil.

You might as well listen to a few other recipes: stuffing chamomile into cow intestines and burying it in the snow, the more the sun shines in winter, the more the stars in the universe when the melting snow seeps into the soil, the more it will affect the soil where the chamomile formula is buried; the western geriatric grass is placed in the bladder of the stag to create a material situation that allows spirituality to penetrate, and the internal energy of the stag constantly interacts with the cosmic stars.

These recipes are either placed on bare soil to activate the soil, or added to compost to help compost transform and keep it alive.

After the cow manure is filled into the horn and buried in the soil to ferment for six months, it is the BD formula that can improve the soil fertility. (courtesy of Sun Chengxuan)

Does it sound like superstition or even witchcraft? Before jumping to conclusions, ask yourself: have you ever been too old? Do you believe in constellations or zodiac signs? Will it match the child's eight characters and calculate strokes to choose a good name? Does the bride have to be combed at three o'clock in the morning for the chosen time? Is it a fengshui taboo to get to the point?

If "all of the above", you believe that beyond the visible world, there is an invisible world that exerts influence, where energy acts or reacts on us like a shadow. Similarly, Anthroposophy holds the view that cow dung horns have more scientific evidence than constellations and eight characters.

Father of Anthroposophy: farmers want to change the way they treat the soil

Rudolf Steiner, an Austrian philosopher, put forward the spiritual science of Anthroposophy, which holds that human beings have four parts: matter, ether, stars and self. We should consider not only matter, but also the power to form matter. Behind the law of life is the principle of aether or ether organization. Apply the above ideas to agriculture, that is, the BD agricultural method of life-and-life interaction.

Steiner pointed out that plants are the product of a healthy etheric world, they do not get sick, it is the environment, especially the soil, that will get sick, so the answers to plant diseases have to be found in the soil. To restore the balance and health of the soil, it is necessary to change the way the soil is treated. Steiner believes that soil is not just a collection of chemicals, minerals or organic matter, but a living system that depends on the interaction between matter and energy.

He proposes that these eight recipes, including ox horn, chamomile, and western seniors, can be transformed into "blessings" to improve the soil through seasonal and environmental quenching (Steiner's words). According to chemical and spectral analysis, BD formula has the advantages of greatly increasing the proportion of aerobic bacteria, promoting the utilization of sulfur and potassium by plants, improving soil pH, maintaining loose soil structure with aggregates and so on.