Attention should be paid to the management and protection of edible fungi in hot weather

Published: 2024-06-16 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/16, Attention should be paid to the management and protection of edible fungi in hot weather

First, strengthen the mushroom shed shading and cooling and ventilation. To thicken the roof and increase the cover in the sunny direction around the shed, turn on the exhaust fan for ventilation.

The second is to spray water to cool down. Every morning or evening, spray water around the walls, space, ground and outdoor roof of the training room, and spray the roof to cool down if possible. After spraying water, we should pay attention to strengthen ventilation to prevent high temperature and high humidity from causing miscellaneous bacteria infection and rotting sticks.

The third is to move the bacterial stick as little as possible and remove the gas through fewer holes. If it is really necessary to pierce the hole to deflate and move the bacterial stick, it should be carried out in small quantities in small batches every morning and evening when the weather is cool.

Fourth, timely disposal of pollution and discarded bacterial rods. For a small area of rotten rod, the rotting bacteria can be dug up and then treated with quicklime solution or fungicides with slightly higher concentration to prevent and control the further spread of bacteria. For spitting yellow water and partially contaminated bacterial sticks, they should be managed separately from normal ones to avoid cross-infection. For the sticks that have been fully stuffed and burned, it is necessary to break the bag and turn over the sun as soon as possible to reduce the loss.

Fifth, maintain environmental hygiene and do a good job in the prevention and control of diseases and insect pests. Remove weeds, sundries and other pollution sources around the mushroom farm in time, and lime and bleach can be used around the mushroom shed.

Sixth, strengthen inspection and pay attention to fire prevention. Smoking is strictly prohibited around the mushroom room, production raw materials should be properly stacked, ventilated to prevent spontaneous combustion; equipped with the necessary fire-fighting equipment to prevent accidents, the facilities and equipment are not in place.