How to add nutrient solution to Edible Fungi

Published: 2024-06-24 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/24, How to add nutrient solution to Edible Fungi

Hebei farmer: how to add nutrient solution to edible fungus is effective?

Answer: 1. The method of adding nutrient solution should be scientific. The methods of supplying nutrition to edible fungi are spraying, soaking and filling holes. Spraying is used in periods when fruiting bodies appear in large numbers. The common method is to prepare a certain concentration of nutrient solution, combined with water replenishment, spray on the bacterial bed and bacterial block. Spraying nutrient solution is best carried out at low tide. When spraying, pay attention to the spray head up, not facing the fruit body. At the same time, pay attention to the four do not spray: young mushroom buds do not spray, just picked mushrooms or mushroom remains do not spray, air humidity is too large. Do not spray when the diseases and insect pests are serious in the mushroom shed. Soaking is mainly suitable for bag planting or block planting. After collecting 1 or 2 stubble mushrooms, if the bag (block) is seriously short of water, soak the bag or block in the prepared nutrient solution, but the soaking time should not be too long, if you lose too much water, you can soak in several times. Irrigation is mainly used on the bacterial bed, when there are more mushrooms in the bacterial bed and the nutrient consumption is too high. The method is to remove the soil from the bacterial bed, insert a funnel into the material surface and fill it with 40.7 ml of liquid, with a hole distance of 10 cm, and cover the soil after adding liquid.

two。 The concentration of nutrient solution should be appropriate. If the concentration of nutrient solution is too high, it will hinder the growth of mycelium; if the concentration is too low, the effect of increasing yield is not obvious. At the appropriate concentration, the addition should also be determined according to the humidity in the material. If the humidity of the culture material is too high, we can appropriately increase the concentration of the nutrient solution, reduce the water consumption, strengthen the ventilation after replenishing the nutrient solution, on the contrary, reduce the concentration and increase the water consumption.

3. Adding nutrient solution should pay attention to the change of environment. Generally, when the temperature is higher than 20 ℃, mushroom mycelium is difficult to form fruiting body, so rehydration should be stopped. Glucose, soybean milk and human feces and urine should not be rehydrated when the temperature is above 18 ℃. Appropriate amount of bacteriostatic agents can also be added to the nutrient solution to prevent the growth and spread of miscellaneous bacteria.

4. Replenish different nutrient solutions alternately. The alternate or mixed use of several nutrient solutions can meet the requirements of edible fungi for different nutrients. Generally, the nutrient solution with added nutrients is applied first, and then the highly efficient nutrient solution is applied. If hormone method is used to stimulate the growth of edible fungi, hormone should be used after supplying nutrients.

5. Apply organic fertilizer correctly. Compost and feces should be fully fermented or sterilized at high temperature, and plant extracts such as bean juice and potato juice should be used now.