How to fertilize edible fungus? Topdressing skills of Edible Fungi

Published: 2024-07-13 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/07/13, How to fertilize edible fungus? Topdressing skills of Edible Fungi

Edible mushroom is to point to fruiting body big, edible mushroom, namely the mushroom that we usually eat. In the late stage of mushroom production, mushroom farmers often use various means to add nutrient solution for topdressing in order to enhance the aftereffect of mushroom production. How does the mushroom top dressing? The following small series will introduce you to the topdressing skills of edible fungi.

How to apply fertilizer to edible fungi

Choose the appropriate method of addition. There are usually three ways to add nutrient solution for edible fungi: spraying, soaking and pouring. The suitable time of spraying nutrient solution was when the fruiting body appeared in large quantity. When spraying, it should be noted that the nozzle should not be facing the fruiting body, and at the same time, it should be noted that four do not spray: do not spray young mushroom buds to avoid swelling and death; do not spray just picked mushrooms or mushroom residues to avoid causing bacterial diseases; do not spray when the air humidity is too high; do not spray when the diseases and insect pests in the mushroom shed (room) are serious. Soaking method is mainly used for bag cultivation of edible fungi.

After harvesting 1-2 mushrooms, if the cultivation bag is in a serious water shortage state, it can be soaked in the prepared nutrient solution until it recovers to the original weight. Nutrient solution is added by soaking, generally by putting the bacteria bag into the nutrient solution pool and pressing heavy objects. And the soaking time should not be too long. If the bacteria bag loses too much water, it can be soaked several times. Point irrigation method is mainly used in the fungus bed, when the fungus bed more mushrooms, water and nutrient consumption is too large can be used this method. The concrete method is: drilling the bacterial bed according to the hole spacing of 10 cm, flooding the prepared nutrient solution into the bacterial bed, and covering the soil after adding the nutrient solution.

Edible mushroom topdressing skills

1. The concentration should be appropriate. When the concentration of nutrient solution is too high, it is not only difficult for mycelium to absorb, but also hinders or even damages the growth of mycelium; when the concentration is too low, the goal of high yield cannot be achieved. When adding nutrient solution to edible fungi at appropriate concentration, it should be determined according to the water content of the culture medium: if the water content of the culture medium is high, the concentration of nutrient solution should be increased, the water consumption should be reduced, and the ventilation should be increased after addition; otherwise, the concentration of nutrient solution should be reduced and the water consumption should be increased.

2, nutrient solution nutrients to be comprehensive. Edible fungi should often use several nutrient solutions alternately, so that the nutrients required for the growth of sub-entities are comprehensive and reasonable. If hormones are used to stimulate the growth of edible fungi, they should be used after supplementing nutrient solution.

3. Pay attention to changes in the environment. When the temperature is above 20℃, it is difficult for edible fungi hyphae to form high-quality fruit bodies, except for high-temperature edible fungi varieties, no nutrient solution can be added. If the culture medium has been contaminated by miscellaneous bacteria, be sure to remove the miscellaneous bacteria before adding nutrient solution. In order to prevent contamination by miscellaneous bacteria, a certain amount of bacteriostatic agents can also be added to the nutrient solution to prevent the breeding and spread of miscellaneous bacteria.