Several key points to solve the pollution of Edible Fungi

Published: 2024-06-20 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/20, Several key points to solve the pollution of Edible Fungi

The production of edible mushroom strain is the premise of edible mushroom cultivation, and the strain with high purity is the key to a good harvest. With the great development of edible mushroom industry, the production of edible fungi is expanding, and the economic losses caused by strain pollution are also increasing exponentially, which has become a problem that can not be ignored in the development of edible fungi. Starting with each link of strain production, objectively analyzing the causes of pollution and taking corresponding preventive measures can achieve the purpose of reducing the cost of seed production and improving the quality and yield of bacteria. The following measures can be taken to reduce the pollution of edible fungi:

Reasonable arrangement of inoculation time for edible fungi

In the humid environment in summer, if the temperature is suitable, miscellaneous bacteria breed and spread quickly, and July to August every year is the suitable season for producing original and cultivated species of mushrooms, but this period is generally high-temperature and rainy, and miscellaneous bacteria are very active, and it is also the period when the strains are most seriously polluted. In the high temperature season, the inoculation time of edible fungi is advanced or delayed, which is an economical and effective way to reduce the pollution of miscellaneous bacteria. The specific method is to receive bacteria during the period from July to August when the temperature is low, such as in the morning or evening. Of course, it is better to receive bacteria in an air-conditioned room.

Scientific preparation of Culture Materials for Edible Fungi

For the culture materials used for the production of original and cultivated species, the raw materials should be fresh, the agglomerated materials should be broken, and the culture materials that are difficult to absorb water should first be wet with enough water, and then mix well. The growth of Penicillium and Penicillium can be inhibited by adding 0.1% carbendazim 0.2% wettable powder into the culture medium. Sterilize under atmospheric pressure, bottle (bag) in time after mixing, sterilize in pot, and shelve for no more than 5 hours.

The edible fungi should be sterilized thoroughly.

In the sterilization pot, the test tube should be placed vertically, the bottle (bag) should be placed to leave a gap, and the cotton plugs should not squeeze each other. According to the culture material and container device, determine the sterilization steam pressure (or temperature) and sterilization time, pay attention to exhaust cold air, and the outgassing speed should be slow.

Strict production of bacteria in aseptic inoculation room (box)

Every operation link should be carried out strictly according to the aseptic operation rules, and after entering the inoculation room, we should walk less and talk less. After sterilization, the bag is moved when cooled to not hot, which can reduce the rupture of the bag wall, clean the inoculation environment, and the inoculation room (box) should be sealed and strictly disinfected. The inoculation utensils should be kept clean and disinfected before use. The sterilized dry cotton plugs should be replaced when the cotton plugs are wet.

Be careful in making the mother seed of edible fungus

According to the nature of the culture material, culture time, sterilization method, etc., select a suitable bottle or bag, put the culture material 2cm away from the cotton stopper, wipe off the bottle (bag) □, and then add the cotton stopper to avoid contamination of water and culture material. When making the mother seed into the culture medium, you should be careful not to stick the culture medium on the test tube □. The cotton stopper should be moderately loose and tight, if it is too loose, it is easy to enter miscellaneous bacteria.

Choose the edible fungus with strong mycelium as the original species

Choose the mother seed and original seed of the right age with no pollution and strong mycelium growth, check carefully before inoculation, and do not inoculate with surface bacteria. When inoculating, it is best to break the bottom of the bottle and connect it from the lower part to 2cm on the surface. If the seed is taken from a bottle of □, the bacteria in the upper layer of 2-3 cm should be dug up and inoculated.