Nongyu Farm-A trial of organic papaya for brave women with advanced technology

Published: 2024-07-23 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/07/23, Because fruit trees have a long growth period and many diseases and insect pests, organic planting is more difficult than vegetables and requires more patience to wait for the harvest. Huang Shuyue, who was in debt of 40 million yuan because of doing business, said, "I have come over the difficulties of bankruptcy, how can I overcome the organic difficulties?"

Because fruit trees have a long growth period and many diseases and insect pests, organic planting is more difficult than vegetables and requires more patience to wait for the harvest. Huang Shuyue, who was in debt of NT $40 million for doing business, said, "I have come through the difficulties of bankruptcy. How can organic difficulties defeat me?" Her planting technique was affirmed by Li Ren and was praised as the "brave woman".

Huang Shuyue's hometown is near the Xintian King Hall in Shatianli, Yujing District, Tainan City. she used to be the first mother-in-law, worked in the construction industry with her husband, and had more than a dozen workers at most. Six years ago, she changed from habitual agriculture to organic, and chose to be more familiar with papaya. She has a short head and wears a polo shirt. When it comes to hardship, she also has the arrogance of a mother-in-law. "six years ago, I first planted organic papaya. Although it had just been transformed, it grew very well. I told my second daughter that I could really make money. I didn't expect that when I encountered the August 8th storm before harvest, it was so rotten that it was impossible to deliver. It was really difficult to be organic, but over the years, I never thought of giving up. "

Don't be afraid of difficulties and strive to improve your technology

Huang Shuyue helped her family with farm work when she was a child, and used to grow papayas in the past. In the first two years of conversion to organic, Huang Shuyue's papaya was sometimes harvested three times at a time, producing as much as "flooding" the warehouse, sometimes with no output for the whole month. Positive, she called the teacher in the agricultural improvement field when she encountered a problem. She improved her planting techniques again and again, and has so far successfully achieved organic verification.

Wang Renhuang, an assistant researcher at the Agricultural improvement Farm in Kaohsiung District, is an expert on papaya. He believes that climate change has become increasingly drastic in recent years. Huge heavy rainfall has been rare in decades, and the challenge of crop cultivation has increased. The yield and quality of Taiwan's papaya, which is afraid of rain, are also closely related to the climate. "the future storm and torrential rain will become more unpredictable, and the challenge for papaya growers will become more and more severe."

I learn a lot of organic planting techniques, but sometimes I still can't keep up with the weather. Huang Shuyue said that she can only do her best to schedule production to stagger the production season with the rainy season and keep the papaya plants healthy. She rents 4A land to grow papaya and regularly delivers it to Li Ren. In addition, she also needs to grow banana, taro, mindou, eggplant and other crops. She believes that although it may not be successful to try new crops, "regardless of success or failure, these experiences are your own."

Since becoming organic, Huang Shuyue has regularly delivered to Li Jen. She says that she and Li Jen have "revolutionary feelings." even if the output goes up and down, even if the sales are not good, Li Jen is willing to accept the goods and take concrete actions to support her on the road of organic agriculture. she is very grateful for Li Jen's constant company.

▲ optimistic and strong Huang Shuyue (left) went through the impact of bankruptcy, chose organic farming, improved planting technology all the way, and the quality of crops was well recognized.

Bankruptcy strikes against returning to their hometown for farming

"she is a brave and strong woman who has been improving her planting skills, production capacity and strength. Wei Wendao, a staff member of Li Rennan District, who is in charge of visiting farmers, said that Huang Shuyue's persevering willpower left a deep impression on him.

Huang Shuyue and her husband worked as construction contractors in their early years, but they were in debt of NT $40 million because their friends defaulted. In order to make a living for his family, her husband is still engaged in the construction industry, but has changed from a first family to an employee. Huang Shuyue stayed at home for nearly a year, and even had the desperate idea of "taking her children away from the world."

For the sake of her children, Huang Shuyue decided to stand up. She chose to be a farmer. On the one hand, she helped her family with farming when she was a child, and she was no stranger to farming. On the other hand, her husband attended a course on organic agriculture organized by the Agriculture and Food Department, believing that organic agriculture is the future trend. And the first-line farmers bear the brunt of the harm that pesticides do to the human body, so they encourage her to engage in organic farming. Now that Huang Shuyue's four children have graduated from college, she says that if they work hard to train their children to go to college, their lives will depend on themselves. "if you want to marry or marry me, you can't give me anything more."

An optimistic family of concerted efforts in farming

When Huang Shuyue's son, Hsu Po-yuan, was a student in the Department of Civil Engineering at Kaohsiung University of Applied Science and Technology, he often came home during the holidays and was laughed at by his friends as "very homesick." The 24-year-old, who has three sisters and used to work outside the home after graduating from college, decided to follow in the footsteps of his second sister, Xu Yuling, to help his mother run an organic farm.

"I don't think I can escape. I still have to go home and help. "Xu Baiyuan and his second sister Xu Yuling murmured as they were harvesting eggplant. Xu Yuling pointed to the cultivator next to the farmland and said, "what's wrong with driving a sports car when you go home?" While listening to the drums of her children, Huang Shuyue sat in the workshop tidying up the eggplant that had just been harvested, and then said that it had rained heavily for several days in a row. "papaya was hurt by water and all were returned, but fortunately there are still some eggplants that can be delivered."

After going through the period of bankruptcy, she stood up now, and her family acted together. Huang Shuyue spoke in a gentle tone, but every word was certain. "now, as long as there is enough money for our family, I believe that people have an afterlife, and organic is good for the environment. Although there are often difficulties in the cultivation of a friendly environment, it is just like life, difficulties are always inevitable, and there are always opportunities for twists and turns. "