A bitch civil servant, activate a whole forest and mountain village! LV Kunwang broke out the sky under the forest for forest farmers

Published: 2024-04-25 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/04/25, A bitch civil servant, activate a whole forest and mountain village! LV Kunwang broke out the sky under the forest for forest farmers


The highest honor in the public sector, the "Outstanding contribution Award for Public servants," was announced a few days ago. the first prize in this year's individual group is Lu Kunwang, a technician from the Hualien Forest District Management Office of the Forestry Bureau. The reason for winning the award on the table is "combining tribal culture and forestry conservation." promoting sustainable economic development under the forest in an economic and ecological way is eye-catching in professional performance, but the reason for winning the award can also be simply explained in two words: bitch.

Many people choose civil servants as their first choice for their careers, looking for a stable iron rice bowl, while Lu Kunwang manages his official career as a private career, but this "private" is not his own, but the tribes and mountain villages he mentors. The chicken woman used the resources of the public department to study and research, and also used his holidays to promote everywhere. Like the nursery rhyme "want 50 cents, give one piece", he paid far more than the requirements of his job, and he deserved the award for a farmer with a cavity of blood.

Lu Kunwang, a technician of the Hualien Forest District Management Office of the Forestry Bureau, is passionate in promoting the economy under the forest (Photography / Yang Yuyun). The Forestry Department of Agricultural College was young and determined to become a civil servant.

Lu Kunwang made up his mind to become a civil servant at the age of 18, and he was only a junior in that year; he realized this wish at the age of 26.

As a matter of fact, when he graduated from junior high school and chose five junior college departments, Lu Kunwang was attracted by the "future way out" of the forestry department enrollment rules of Ilan Agricultural College, which said that he could work as a civil servant in the Forestry Bureau, National Park and other units after graduation. Young and unambitious, compared with other roads with uncertain prospects, "civil servants seem to be the goal that can be pursued." he walked into the field of the forest in this way.

Lu Kunwang, who "is determined by the brief rules," is an intern at 03:00 at the Taipei Botanical Garden. He is responsible for making plant specimens and maintaining explanation boards in the park. He also goes out with researchers to investigate and collect plants. He feels that he likes this kind of work. He is not only stable, but also related to what he has learned. He wants to realize his ignorant "dream of being a civil servant."

It's just that when he was a soldier, Lu Kunwang "went astray." Lu Kunwang became a transporter in the army and drove a truck for a year and a half. After leaving the army, he first went to work as a house driver. However, the freight work was too busy to prepare for the exam, so he switched to the "paid" landscape company, where he studied pruning flowers and trees, gardening and landscaping while preparing for the general exam.

Lu Kunwang said the job taught him the importance of details. "only by paying attention to each link can we ensure the quality of the project." He said, "it is not only in the face of customers or acceptance that we have to pay attention to quality." it is a responsible attitude to go through this hurdle of our own.

Responsible for his work, but also responsible for his own life, no matter how busy his work is, he never forgets his original ideal and ambition. After a year and a half of work at the Landscape Company, the word "Lu Kunwang" finally appeared on the list of forestry technology exams.