Photoelectric invaded organic village 01 "300 hectares of spiritual blessed land was robbed. Taiwan Sugar plans to develop a photovoltaic power plant, and residents call for the case to be withdrawn.

Published: 2024-07-23 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/07/23, Photoelectric invaded organic village 01 "300 hectares of spiritual blessed land was robbed. Taiwan Sugar plans to develop a photovoltaic power plant, and residents call for the case to be withdrawn.


Photoelectric will invade the farmland again, this time the target is the organic village of Yunlin Gukeng! The Council of Agriculture announced in July that photovoltaics on farmland would be tightened, but recently Taiwan Sugar wanted to release a large area of farmland to build photovoltaics, and it was located in the middle of the Gukeng Ma Garden organic promotion area, causing strong opposition from the community and local governments.

The Fuzhi Foundation, a Buddhist group, has been based in Mayuan Village in Gukeng to promote ecological conservation and environmental sustainability for 20 years. Since last year, a group of enthusiastic Fuzhi students and local residents have launched the "spiritual Ecological Village" initiative to put forward a rural vision that combines social construction, agriculture and spiritual growth. This vision received a kind response from the county government by planning a 300-hectare "organic promotion zone".

But suddenly, the local landlord Taiwan Sugar Company recently sent a 25-hectare photopower plant development project stuck in the organic promotion zone, which is very sudden. Local residents and Fu Chi volunteers hope that Taiwan Sugar can take the initiative to withdraw the case, and the county government also believes that "there is no shortage of light power plants in Gukeng Township." however, Taiwan Sugar Company said that it respects that the local government has other plans, but the bidding process has already started and must be finished. both the county government or the Council of Agriculture have the power to veto the case.

Lin Yucun and Shen Meizhu, chairman of the Xuanwu Palace in Ma Yuan Village, hope that the county government will respect public opinion and veto the Taiwan Sugar Optoelectricity case. (photography / Lin Jiyang) the "spiritual Ecological Village" project connects life, ecology and agriculture, but it is disturbed by optoelectronics.

Li Luzhi, an architect who is one of the dreamers of the "spiritual Ecological Village," explains the reason: "Fuzhi has been rooted here for more than 20 years, and 26 farmers and 90 hectares of farmland around the village have been practicing organic farming one after another. At the same time, it has also attracted a group of students who practice Dharma to live in Mayuan Village, but Fuzhi development has not been integrated with the rural community." The concept of "spiritual Ecological Village" is to take the existing scale as the core and continue to expand outward, so that Mayuan Village and its surrounding areas can work together to achieve a win-win situation of ecological environment, friendly agriculture and spiritual growth.

"We realize that the village is not only a place where organic fruits and vegetables are produced, but there are also many people who play different roles and should have the opportunity to link human relationships. This place can support spiritual growth and provide healing activities. Let the village life, agriculture and ecology form a coordinated basis, let us deepen the discussion of the relationship between people and the environment." Li Luzhi elaborated.

When the vision was being fulfilled, Taiwan Sugar decided to develop optoelectronics here. Li Luzhi, who spoke mildly, could not help criticizing: "there is a big problem with the whole national policy, and renewable energy lacks a forward-looking vision. Solar photovoltaic panels become a local evil, sweeping the countryside." She was depressed but adamant. "the energy needed for economic development has been pressed down like a tank, and the saplings of ecological ideals in Mayuan have grown. Of course, we have to find ways to protect it from being run over."

Li Luzhi says heavily, "apart from being relatively cheap, agricultural land also contains a lot of possibilities. It is not because agricultural land is relatively large or its output value is low, so it can be used to cover photovoltaics or development at will." For this group of volunteers, land not only produces, but also gives birth to ecology. if we only see the human demand for electricity, it is unfair to other people who depend on this land.

Over the past 20 years, Fuzhi students and local farmers have integrated with each other to gradually explore a common ecological rural vision. (courtesy of Fuzhi volunteers) Local consensus has taken shape, and Yunlin County Government and Fuye Company have promoted the "Organic Promotion Zone"

In response to the local vision of "spiritual ecological village", the Yunlin county government has put forward the "Gukeng Township Ma Yuan Organic Agricultural area Plan" as the local creation plan of the ancient pit. Li Fengqi, general manager of Fuye, who is responsible for implementing the planning, said that the "organic promotion area" of Mayuan Village is expected to expand to more than 300 hectares around it. This "promotion area" is not an "organic area" and does not restrict organic farming. The goal is to encourage farmers to gradually achieve environment-friendly land use and achieve agglomeration and scale effects.

Li Fengqi said solemnly, "this is a local vision formed by the joint efforts of Mayuan village residents, farmers, and many Fuzhi students after more than a decade of running-in." The Fuye Company provides a production and marketing platform to help rural areas move towards this vision. "Farmers need orders to plan what they can grow next season. The ultimate goal of the organic cause is to hope that farmers can be good and the environment can be good. Finally, we can achieve a balance between man and nature."

Li Fengqi stressed that the ideal of the "organic promotion zone" does not intend to block Taiwan Sugar's land use, but hopes that Taiwan Sugar will become a partner. "many Fu Chi farmers are themselves land lessees of Taiwan Sugar. In fact, Taiwan Sugar is the biggest supporting force for the organic cause."

Li Fengqi, general manager of Fuye Company, stressed that the organic promotion zone is not only Fuzhi's business plan, but also the ideal of environmental sustainability and the vision of rural revitalization. (photo / Lin Jiyang) Green Farmers returning to their hometown: it is rare for villagers to agree with sustainable farming. Please leave the land to organic agriculture.

Lin Junyi, a young man from Mayuan Village, went to Australia to work and traveled around Europe after graduating from university. he decided to resign and return to his hometown only a year after he returned to Taiwan. Having tasted the taste of freedom, he decided to return to his hometown to find his ideal life. He took over his orchard and leased land, experimented with friendly cultivation of willow, and found many customers through online marketing in recent years.

Lin Junyi said, "Green energy itself is very good, but Optoelectronics in Mayuan Village seems to lack site selection planning, which interferes with the landscape and ecology." Ma Yuan Village is the hometown of Zhu Luo tree frog, and there is also a Yongquan area. in recent years, the community and Fuzhi's brothers and sisters began to promote organic and ecological ideals, and gradually received a positive response from the villagers. "

He stresses that it is very difficult for Mayuan Village to take oranges as its main force, but because Fuzhi has made people gradually accept the concept of ecological sustainability, villagers have begun to agree with the environmentally friendly way of farming. "25 hectares is not big for Taiwan Sugar." but for Mayuan Village, 25 hectares is already a very big impact. I hope Taiwan Sugar will leave this land to the organic industry. "