Principle and Common sense of fresh-keeping processing of Edible Fungi

Published: 2024-06-16 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/16, Principle and Common sense of fresh-keeping processing of Edible Fungi

After the edible mushroom is harvested, if the fresh mushroom is exposed to a dry environment for a long time, it will lose moisture, the mushroom body will shrink and wrinkle strongly, and the texture will become dry and hard. at the same time, due to the ripening of the mushroom body, its physiological activity has not been stopped. under the action of some oxidases (such as polyphenol oxidase), it can promote the chemistry in the mushroom tissue: transformation, accelerated respiration, thirst, liquefaction, loss of water and loss of inherent flavor and aroma. In addition, the reproduction and growth of various microorganisms attached to the mushroom surface can also cause soft rot, stench, and even toxic substances, and finally lead to corruption.

In order to prolong the shelf life of mushrooms, the shelf life of mushrooms can be prolonged by storing fresh mushrooms under the conditions of low natural temperature and high environmental humidity, or by manual cold storage. Treating fresh mushrooms with some antioxidants and plant hormones, or reducing the pH value to inhibit enzyme activity, can also appropriately prolong the fresh-keeping time. Due to the continuous development of fresh-keeping technology, there are some new fresh-keeping technologies, such as frozen fresh-keeping, quick-frozen fresh-keeping, modified atmosphere fresh-keeping and radiation treatment, which can get better fresh-keeping effect. In cities with concentrated population, all kinds of fresh mushrooms are an important part of the "vegetable basket project". Mastering these new fresh-keeping technologies is of great significance to develop the domestic fresh mushroom market and improve the economic benefits of growers.

With the development of society and the progress of science and technology, the processing technology of edible fungi is changing with each passing day, and the methods are also changing with each passing day. At present, the main processing methods are dry processing (sun drying, drying, freeze drying, puffing drying, etc.); pickling processing (salting, dregs, sauce, sweet and vinegar, vinegar, wine, etc.); can processing, that is, food processing; flexible packaging processing; fine processing (candied fruit, pastry, rice noodles, candy, snack food, etc.) Deep processing (beverages, extracts, granules, condiments, beauty cosmetics, etc.) and health drug processing (health wine, capsules, oral liquid, polysaccharide extraction, etc.).