Preparation of Edible Fungi Culture material with Biogas residue and Biogas slurry

Published: 2024-05-21 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/05/21, Preparation of Edible Fungi Culture material with Biogas residue and Biogas slurry

Biogas residue is rich in nutrition, which is similar to that needed by edible fungus cultivation materials, and has few impurities, so it is very suitable for the growth of edible fungi. The following is to introduce the production process of a mushroom cultivation material.

The C / N ratio of mushroom cultivation materials is required to be about 30:1. 5000 kg of biogas residue, 1500 kg of wheat straw or rice straw, 15 kg of cottonseed husk, 60 kg of gypsum and 25 kg of lime are usually required for every 100m3 of cultivated material.

The production of culture materials needs to be piled up before fermentation. When stacking, first cut the wheat straw into small segments 30 cm long, soak it with water and spread it on the ground with a thickness of about 17 cm. Then, spread biogas dregs evenly on the straw with a thickness of 30 cm. According to this method, the second and third layers are laid on the first layer of material pile. When you finish laying the third layer, sprinkle biogas liquid evenly on the stack until the stack is soaked thoroughly, and write down the amount of biogas liquid used. After that, the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh layers were laid in turn, and each layer was sprinkled with the same amount of biogas slurry, and the amount of biogas slurry was about 1/3 of the first dosage, so that it and biogas residue were fully hygroscopic and permeated. The material is then piled up for fermentation. After about 7 days of fermentation, the material was turned when the temperature reached 70 ℃. After the first turning, the material was composted for 5 days and 6 days, and the second turning was carried out when the temperature in the middle of the pile reached 70 ℃. At this point, 40 times diluted with 40% formaldehyde water, the material pile is disinfected. When the material heap is dry, biogas liquid can be added appropriately to make the material pile moist, so as to pinch the material gently without dripping water. After composting for 3 days and 4 days, it can be moved into the seedling bed as a culture material.