How to use medicine to prevent and control jumping insects of edible fungi? Methods of controlling jumping insects with Edible Fungi

Published: 2024-05-21 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/05/21, How to use medicine to prevent and control jumping insects of edible fungi? Methods of controlling jumping insects with Edible Fungi

Edible fungus is a kind of common vegetables in our daily life, which is very popular because of its high nutritional value. In the process of planting edible fungi, the emergence of jumping insects has seriously affected the yield and commerciality of edible fungi. This paper will introduce the usage of preventing and controlling edible mushroom jumping insects.

Jumping insects, also known as tobacco ash insects, have a short cycle and fast reproduction, and can produce 6-7 generations a year. It mainly harms young mushrooms and makes them wither and die. Can also drill into the mushroom stalk or mushroom cover to eat, 1-3 days to mature fruiting body gnawed riddled with holes, the loss of commodity value, causing great losses to the production of edible fungi.

Prevention and control methods:

1. Clean and sanitary, eliminate the source of insects. ① thoroughly the garbage inside and outside the seed production and cultivation sites, especially do not have stagnant water to prevent the breeding of jumping insects. ② likes to be warm and humid but can not bear high temperature. The fermentation material is used to make the temperature reach 65 ℃-70 ℃, which can kill adults and eggs. ③ mushroom house and covering soil should be fumigated before use. Screen is installed on the doors and windows of ④ mushroom house.

two。 Entrapment. ① jumping insects have the habit of loving water, and the places where they occur can be trapped and eliminated with water. The specific method is: use a small basin to hold water, many divers jump in the water, and then change water the next day and continue to use water to trap and kill. Several times in a row, the population density will be greatly reduced. ② is mixed with 1000 times diluted trichlorfon and a small amount of honey into a trap, which is separately packed in a basin or plate and scattered on the mushroom bed. The jumping insect smells sweetness and jumps into the basin. This method is safe and can kill other pests at the same time.

3. Prevention and treatment. The use of pesticides is not recommended for the prevention and control of edible fungus diseases and insect pests. Other methods should be adopted as far as possible, with little or no pesticides. Only when the pests are serious can we have no choice but to do so. The specific method is: when there are no mushrooms on the ① bed, 0.2% dimethoate can be sprayed. ② can spray pyrethroid in 150x-200x solution during mushroom emergence. ③ spray neem preparation: prepared according to the ratio of neem skin: water = 1:3-1:5, mix well and boil for 1.5h to become the original medicine, diluted twice when used, and used with it. ④ is fumigated with 10 grams of aluminum phosphide per cubic meter.