Cross-border championship from 3G to 5G Mobileheroes to build an industrial international team

Published: 2024-06-24 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/24, Want to create your own 3D virtual world? Do not need professional technology, innovative software system StellarX, with high-speed network environment, let you simply drag to create XR (virtual-real hybrid) simulation situation; use your phone to face the 101building, the picture appears.

From 3G to 5G, multinational Mobileheroes strives for the championship to build an international team of industries.

Want to create your own 3D virtual world? Do not need professional technology, innovative software system StellarX, coupled with high-speed network environment, allows you to simply procrastinate to create XR (virtual and real) simulation situation; with your mobile phone to 101building, the picture shows that King Kong has climbed to the highest point, this is ARGO's AR spatial content positioning technology, relying on 5G high-speed network features, so that tourists around real-time interaction, so that the city has become an AR amusement park. In 2020, the industry is concerned about the application of 5G, and the energy of these creations can be seen in the communication competition in the Guoguang Conference Hall of the China National Petroleum Building on December 15.

The Mobileheroes Communications Competition, sponsored by the Industry Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, has entered the 19th year. The most important feature of the competition is that the full prize money of the competition is sponsored by enterprises and supported by 36 sponsors this year. In recent years, it also emphasizes implementation and encourages the team to develop practical and cross-disciplinary solutions to improve the possibility of future commercialization.

The themes of this year's competition include the networking Future Challenge, the CONNECTIVITY INNOVATION AWARDS International Competition, the 5G Multi-Antenna system Innovation Design Competition and the 5G pilot Innovation Application Competition. A total of 429 teams and 903 heroes competed for a total prize of 6 million yuan. This year, an international competition was held for the first time, attracting 32 teams from seven countries, including Canada, France, the United States, Poland, Myanmar, Hong Kong and Singapore. Through the communication competition platform to exchange with domestic innovative talents to inject innovative momentum into Taiwan's communications industry.

After 5 months of implementation and optimization, the winning teams of the four competitions were selected by the jury. The top honors are the winner of the networking Future Challenge: the Arctos two-way roaming machine of the team of Li Li networking Co., Ltd.; the winner of the CONNECTIVITY INNOVATION AWARDS International Competition: the Smart sticker Smart Tag of the Smart Tag Inc team; and the winner of the 5G Multi-Antenna system Innovation Design Competition: the "folding Mobile phone Multi-Antenna system Design" of the team. 5G pilot innovative application competition champion: ARGO team's "AR spatial content positioning and live streaming application". On the same day, all the winning teams set up booths at the scene for simultaneous display, allowing visitors to experience a variety of innovative intelligent networking and 5G applications to witness the achievements of the communication competition to cultivate talents.

▲ strives for the championship from 3G to 5G and Mobileheroes builds the international team of the industry.