The first "Plant Collection" cartoon was born! The Wild account of gatherers depicts the daily life of Japanese collectors and restores the era of plant naming in Taiwan.

Published: 2024-06-24 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/24, The first "Plant Collection" cartoon was born! The Wild account of gatherers depicts the daily life of Japanese collectors and restores the era of plant naming in Taiwan.


There is an important job that has existed since a hundred years ago, but it has received little attention, that is, "plant gathering." Ying Zhang, who won the Golden Cartoon Award for Best New Artist with "Dark Please close your eyes" in 2018, launched the latest cartoon, "the Wild account of the Collector," to restore the plant collection site during the Japanese occupation.

Even people who are strangers to plants can appreciate the charm of Taiwan's native plants through "collecting people's wild accounts," and quickly follow Xu Liangshan, a young descendant of the herbal medicine hall, a serious and rigorous assistant, and misty grass, a wild girl with nightmares. Let's come to the Taisho era to feel the daily life of the gatherers!

"the Wild account of the Collector" protagonist Xu Liangshan (center), assistant Songwei (right), heroine Wucao (left) (photo courtesy / English) the herbal cottage teenager accidentally burned the research results and embarked on the journey of collecting plants to pay off debts.

The protagonist of "the Wild account of the Collector" is Xu Liangshan, a young descendant of the Taiwanese herbal medicine hall during the Japanese occupation. When he was taking care of the shop, he accidentally burned the collection of botanist Sasaki, was sent by his father to the botanical garden to work, and began a journey of hard labor to pay off debts and eliminate karma.

Xu Liangshan has a naive and impatient personality. He grew up in a herb hall and is very familiar with herbs. Plants can be distinguished by the appearance and taste of the remnant leaves. Another hero, Matsuo, is just the opposite, calm and rational, and good at collecting, while the heroine, Wucao, is an isolated girl from a mountain thief village, who appears in the latest sixth speech and is very interested in plant collection. In the process of reading, readers not only understand the rich appearance of plant collection during the Japanese occupation, but also get a lot of fun from the growth of the three protagonists.

Ying Zhang said that the three protagonists are virtual, but some of the characters in the work are real. For example, at the beginning of the story, Sasaki Shinichi Sasaki, who came to visit with new books and new plants, is based on the historical prototype of Shunichi Sasaki, director of the Laye Museum, and his new book, the outline of Taiwan's Folk Medicinal Flora, also has its own book.

Enlightened by the Beautiful Laye House, he painted "the Great naming era of plants in Taiwan".

The author Ying Chang used to work as an American editor in Taipei, but now he is a freelance creator and lives in his hometown in Tainan. "the Wild account of the Collector" is the third work. When asked about the birth of this work, Ying Zhang said that when she was working in the past, she edited plant map books and opened her relationship with plants. When she lived in Taipei, she would also visit the Botanical Garden, and once the Laver House in the garden reopened. After her visit, she was deeply attracted by the elegance and beauty of the Laye Hall. "whether it's the exterior or interior of the building, the Laye House is really beautiful."