Xingang Environmental Protection Business District is the first choice in Chiayi County, "Food" is endless in Haokang Award.

Published: 2024-07-23 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/07/23, Chiayi County-in order to implement the garbage reduction policy and reduce the use of disposable tableware, combined with the Xingang charm business area to promote the only "environmental protection business circle", on December 9, Weng Zhangliang, head of Xingang Township, Lin Maosheng, head of Xingang Township, and long Lai of waste Management Department of Environmental Protection Agency.

Chiayi County's first choice of Xingang environmental protection business circle,"food" in the good health award endless

Chiayi County-In order to implement the waste reduction policy, reduce the use of disposable tableware, and promote the only "environmental protection business district" within the jurisdiction of Xingang Charm Business District, on December 9, Weng Zhangliang, Mayor of Xingang Township, Lin Maosheng, Director of Waste Management of Environmental Protection Department Lai Yingying, Director of Environmental Protection Bureau of Chiayi County Zhang Genmu, Director of Xingang Business District Huang Jinghui, and a number of private representatives and cooperative vendors promoted a number of environmental protection activities in the business district. Chiayi County Environmental Protection Bureau said that from now until December 20, those who go to stores with "environmental protection vendors" and achieve the "environmental protection" consumer task of not using disposable tableware can participate in the lottery. The biggest prize is the most powerful iPhone 12 mobile phone at present.

In order to reduce environmental problems such as garbage, oil smoke and sewage brought by sightseeing business districts and night markets, Chiayi County Environmental Protection Bureau hopes to implement environmental protection in business districts, integrate business districts clean, reduce disposable tableware and oil smoke emissions, and create an environmental protection business district of "plastic reduction, low carbon and freshness" by promoting source reduction of disposable products, resource recovery, oil smoke emission control, catering waste (sewage) water treatment, low-carbon energy-saving measures and environmental cleaning (including public toilets). Priority is given to the selection of businesses in front of Fengtian Palace on Zhongshan Road in Xingang Township as an environmental protection demonstration business district. On the one hand, it improves the quality of tourism, and the public can also feel different tourism environment and take into account "food safety" when traveling there.

County magistrate Weng Zhangliang said that night markets and business districts are a lot of consumption space. A large number of washable tableware is used every day, and there are environmental concerns such as oil smoke and waste water emissions. In order to encourage shops and consumers to slow down or not use disposable tableware, Xingang business district has been selected as a demonstration site, and tableware subsidies and encourage operators to further treat oil smoke and waste water. The process of education and persuasion does take some time. The county government will strengthen publicity and take root in the next generation to make the living environment of villagers better. Everyone can live a healthy and green life.

▲ Chiayi County Preferred Xingang Environmental Protection Business Circle,"Food" in Haokang Award endless