Flowering Control Technology of Flowers

Published: 2024-06-20 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/20, Flowering Control Technology of Flowers

1. Flower plants that have formed flower buds but are still dormant can be broken by increasing temperature and blossom early.

2. Flowers that like warm climate and have frequent flowering habits should be given the temperature to continue to grow before the outside temperature drops and stops blooming, so as to continue to blossom.

3. For some flowers whose flower buds have not fully differentiated in early winter, if they want to bloom ahead of time, they should first be moved into cold storage, forced dormancy with low temperature, to promote flower bud differentiation completely, and then moved to high temperature to promote flower bud differentiation.

4. For the flowers that bloom in spring, the flowers can be moved into the cold storage in early spring and the florescence can be postponed by prolonging the dormancy period. Then move out of the freezer and blossom according to the time it takes to restore growth to flowering.

5. For short-day flowers, when the natural sunshine is long, cover the sunshine for a certain number of hours to make them blossom.

6. when the natural sunshine is short in winter, use light to supplement the hours of light, so as to make flowers blossom in the greenhouse in winter.

7. Some dormant flowers can smear the growth point or bud with a certain concentration of gibberellin, which can promote flower germination and growth or flower bud expansion and flowering.