Pay attention to four points when buying flower fertilizer

Published: 2024-07-13 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/07/13, Pay attention to four points when buying flower fertilizer

Nowadays, residents of some cities like to grow flowers in their communities, but the flowers are not so colorful. Here, an important link is involved, the fertilization of flowers. If we want to fertilize flowers reasonably, we must first choose flower fertilizer. Buying flower fertilizer should pay attention to the following four points:

1. You can't just look at the price when you buy flower fertilizer. Every producer hopes to choose cost-effective fertilizer, but it is not rational to decide to buy flower fertilizer solely on the basis of the price, which will affect the effectiveness of fertilizer in production.

two。 When purchasing flower fertilizer, producers must carefully look at the instructions on the outer packaging of the fertilizer, carefully study the composition of the product composition, and finally choose according to their own needs and economic strength.

3. The most popular way of fertilizer use in the world is 75% controlled-release fertilizer plus 25% water-soluble fertilizer, which is economical and effective. In the view of most people, the price of controlled-release fertilizer is high, which will increase the cost when used, but it is not. Water-soluble fertilizer will be wasted more in use, and the labor cost is higher. Controlled-release fertilizer is an encapsulated fertilizer, which can be released according to plant demand, which can reduce the waste of fertilizer, high efficiency, and can reduce labor, and the cost will be reduced in the end. In addition, when choosing controlled-release fertilizers, we should also pay attention to some instructions provided by suppliers, such as the composition differences between different brands, and some brands of fertilizers have patented technology that can promote the absorption of nutrients by plants. This information should provide a basis for consumers to buy flower fertilizer.

4. When choosing the supplier of flower fertilizer, we should pay attention to its after-sales service. Some suppliers only sell products without after-sales service, while others will provide supporting services and they will provide a full range of fertilization plans according to the types of products produced by producers. The fertilizers used by plants are different at different growth stages. for example, fertilizers with high nitrogen, low phosphorus and low potassium should be used at the seedling stage, while fertilizers with low nitrogen, high phosphorus and medium potassium should be used when promoting flowering. For some producers, due to the short time in production, lack of experience, and lack of familiarity with the details of the use of flower fertilizer, the thoughtful service provided by fertilizer suppliers is even more important.