Preventive measures for the production of Edible Fungi

Published: 2024-05-18 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/05/18, Preventive measures for the production of Edible Fungi

According to the provincial meteorological station, this year's No. 1 Typhoon "Niebert" is expected to make landfall along the coast of central Fujian from the morning of the 9th to the morning of the morning. due to its influence, there will be an obvious increase in wind and rain in our city from 9 to 11. All edible fungus production bases should actively take preventive measures.

1. All edible mushroom production bases should take measures to guard against strong typhoons to ensure personal safety.

2. Strengthen the mushroom shed, overhaul and strengthen the production facilities such as the greenhouse. According to the development situation of the typhoon, measures such as removing the cover should be taken when necessary to reduce the destructive power of the typhoon to the mushroom shed and reduce the loss.

3. Transfer bacteria, sticks, raw materials and other materials to the high ground to avoid losses caused by flooding and rain. 4. Dredge the ditch and open the drainage ditch in the field to ensure the smooth flow of drainage and irrigation. Prepare the pump and power outage lighting. 5. Out-of-season industrial Xiuzhen mushroom production greenhouse should focus on ensuring the safety of electricity, checking lines, transformers and so on.