The kind of avocado is also healed by avocado, the story of Onei master, Takesaki star, mountain craftsman, and three avocado people

Published: 2024-04-25 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/04/25, The kind of avocado is also healed by avocado, the story of Onei master, Takesaki star, mountain craftsman, and three avocado people

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If you had to vote for one of the most misunderstood crops, avocado definitely made the list. Is it fruit alone? Or vegetables? I'm afraid everyone has doubts, know the correct answer, there will be a bunch of people sweep the lens: in the crop classification, avocado belongs to fruit, but in the food classification, because avocado fat content is too high, so belong to "fat and nut seeds" Oh!

Due to the help of many stars and online celebrities, avocado has become the most tamped weight loss holy product in recent years. Various recipes of "shoveling meat and losing weight quickly" have been circulated on the Internet, so that it has the title of "King of Fat Burning in Fruit World". However, although avocado is a new favorite on many people's dinner tables, it has been cultivated in Taiwan for nearly a century. In Tainan's Tanei and Chiayi's Chuchi areas, where the largest areas are cultivated, many farmers have been dealing with it for their whole lives.

"Fruit world fat burning king" Avocado in recent years is the most tamped weight loss health products (photography/Yang Yuyun) Yang Jinkun returned home to take over the orchard, will miss his mother empathy avocado

Yang Jinkun of Tainan is a child raised by avocado. Yang's mother has been growing avocados all her life. Her greatest wish is for her children to study hard, find jobs in the city, and stay away from the fate of farmers. Yang Chin-kun lived in Taipei for 40 years after college because he studied, worked and started a family.

Within the limits of a woman's family, Mother Yang guarded about fifty avocados and took care of the orchard in the most natural way. Mother was a victim of Morakot, who swept away the avocado trees in the garden and took her precious life.

Yang Jinkun and his wife Li Xiangfen miss their mother so much that they empathize with avocado. the two often traveled south from taipei, tidying up orchards, pruning trees, and harvesting fruits. they stayed longer and more frequently, and gradually became "taipei masters": experts in growing avocados in taipei.

Yang Jinkun and Li Xiangfen are "big experts" in planting avocado. (Photography/Yang Yuyun)

Li Xiangfen says that after the disasters of Nali and Morakot in Taiuchi, many people could not see the future in their hometown, and the farmland next to their home was abandoned for more than 20 years. Many of the landowners have their land titles ready and are waiting for bids to be made to sell their land. "At that time, we thought that taking care of one piece of land and two pieces of land would not be too much work, so we bought the field next door." she recalled.

It could be considered virgin land with abundant ecology. There were at least five species of tree frogs alone, and wild birds, squirrels, and fireflies were all "indigenous people." Yang and his wife do not want to destroy nature's masterpiece, so they grow avocado in the most organic way. They said that if they used traditional farming methods, the process of planting avocados was actually very easy, but they used their hands to remove the leaves attached to the eggs of the spiny midges and pull out the weeds in the garden. The farm workers were numerous and miscellaneous, and they had to do it themselves. later, running between taipei and tainan was too much for her. eleven years ago, li xiangfen abandoned her husband and children and moved back to taei for a long time. seven years later, yang chin-kun applied for early retirement and took care of the orchard with his wife.

Grow delicious avocado and grow happy life taste

Perhaps because of friendly cultivation, it has a magical effect on the land. Many guests say that the avocado of Zuo Fang Happiness Manor has no grassy smell, and some friends who dare not eat avocado originally have "tried it out" for their avocado. "I encourage my guests to eat fresh fruit, dipped in honey, wasami or garlic sauce, each with a different flavor," Yang said.

Since the year before last, the estate has been transformed from friendly to organic. Because there are many administrative procedures for registration and shipment, the husband and wife are busy, so they ask Yang Zixian, the eldest daughter who used to work in the telecommunications industry in Taipei, to return home to help. Yang Zixian is a genuine Taipei child, very accustomed to blowing air conditioning, sitting in an office work, before returning home, she plans to take advantage of the accumulated long vacation, back to Taiwan for a month, try to work at sunrise, sweat farming life.

Yang Zixian watched Wuqiu (big curly tail) chasing squirrels in the orchard, hens with chickens catching insects to eat, geese welcoming their masters dance steps, fireflies and stars brighter than each other, watching all kinds of rare fruits planted by his parents: Lou Lin fruit, red-haired durian, chocolate fruit, hemp fruit, Luo Li Liang fruit, milk fruit, golden fruit, deeply experienced the power of nature. Now, when the family of three has no choice but to return to Taipei,"the city that used to be very convenient and progressive is no longer used to living in." she said.

The animals in the Happy Manor on the Left Bank are all family members, and each one has a name. (Photo/Tian Yimin)

At present, there are two and a half hectares of farmland in the Happy Manor on the left bank, but the actual planting area is less than two hectares. There are more than 30 varieties of avocados among the 500 trees, but only 12 kinds are sold regularly. Except for organic sales, the rest are ordered online, with an annual output value of more than one million. "After deducting plumbing and consumables, the three of us earned less than my pre-retirement salary," Yang said. "But life is priceless. This is our understanding."

Left bank happiness manor in the big disaster this piece of land, planted alias "happiness fruit" avocado, but also their own life, planted a happy taste.

Shen Shizheng diversified operation avocado industry customized orders to meet demand

Shen Shih-cheng, monitor of the 49th production and marketing class of Takezaki fruit trees, is also a star in the avocado world.

Shen family generations are Zhuqi people, Shen Shizheng's grandfather and father have long grown tobacco, Shen Shizheng childhood also helped the family smoke building to look after the fire. Later, the Public Sales Bureau reduced tobacco production year by year, and worked with the Council of Agriculture to guide farmers in their transformation. Father Shen began to grow avocado 35 years ago.

Shen Shih-cheng first worked outside the army after he retired. He had some success in the steam boiler industry and was planning to open his own factory. His father's avocado garden also needed help because of its huge production. "Anyway, we're all 'heads of home'. I don't think there's anything wrong with going home to farm. After all, I'm no stranger to farming." he said.

Shen Shizheng is the "Triple Crown" in the avocado world. (Photography/Yang Yuyun)

When he returned home eight years ago, Shen Shizheng established the brand of "Apokaro" for his orchard and marketed it through Facebook fan pages. Because avocado is a kind of crop with complex varieties, Shen Shizheng communicates directly with customers on the Internet to meet the needs of customized orders one by one.

Some guests worried that they couldn't finish eating quickly, so they asked for the avocado "cooked in batches"; some guests wanted gifts, and they named large ones; girls asked for small ones when buying because of their small appetite; some people wanted soft Q, some people wanted thick meat, because Shen Shizheng could cope with these various requirements, and the after-sales service was good, so "Apokaro" had a lot of loyal customers. At present, online home delivery accounted for 90% of the total sales volume.

The reason why it can meet multiple needs is that Shen family orchards have many varieties and a long total production period. Shen Shizheng says that as long as you know the amount of fruit left on the tree, the harvest amount and the sales volume, the income from home delivery is actually better than shipping goods to the outlet. In addition, he diversified into various processed avocado products, including ice cream, handmade soap, frozen avocado blocks, etc., lengthening the time to market and increasing revenue beyond fresh fruit.

Even though the avocado market has been rising in recent years and there are many more online channels to compete, Shen Shizheng's avocado sales are almost unaffected. In addition to the above reasons, he proudly says: "Because I am a triple champion!"

The pursuit of awards must be done to do the best

Three years ago, after Shen Shizheng took over the task of production and marketing squad leader from his father, he was eager to have a young man's behavior. He took part in the 108 "Agricultural Technology Sharing Competition" and won the Chiayi County championship and the national championship. The next year, he led the production and marketing class to challenge the "Ten Excellent Agricultural Production and Marketing Classes" organized by the Council of Agriculture. Three consecutive middle, set a record for all kinds of production and marketing classes in Chiayi County, and also increased the popularity of their own brands.

Because "do what you want to do best", Shen Shizheng runs the production and marketing class as carefully as he runs his own orchard. In addition to setting up official accounts on Facebook and Line to facilitate internal and external contacts, he also re-planned the movement line of the collection yard, according to the fruit quality division, separation management, special products in the black basket, according to the black lines set on the ground into the special product area, the best products in the yellow basket, and so on. In addition, he also set the rules for borrowing common tools, and if the tools failed, he was responsible for repairing them himself. These creative methods have won the favor of judges in various competitions, and the prize money has greatly boosted the morale and cohesion of the production and marketing team.

Arbokale avocado processing. (Photography/Yang Yuyun)

This year, Shen Shizheng also won the title of "Production and Marketing Resume Talent". At the award ceremony, he took his wife on stage to receive the award. The atmosphere was lively and touching. He said that he sold avocado seeds, seedlings, avocado fruit, is a real "one-stop" avocado industry, plus his skilled skills, happy to share with farmers, tone is quite "deserved" pride.

Because of his good mouth, experience and enthusiasm, Shen Shizheng often shares his experience in growing avocado with farmers and is also interviewed by many media. He said that half of Taiwan's population dare not eat or have not eaten avocado,"the market is still very big!" While guarding his own orchards, he protects the farmland of more than 30 A production and marketing classes. With the appearance of a star, he wants to make the avocado industry a higher level.

Fu Jingzhou: Fruit trees are more successful than stock speculation

"mountain craftsman" is the title fu jingzhou printed on his business card."i think 'craftsman' is better," said fu, who grows avocado beside the waterway museum in tainan mountain district. The implication was that he felt that he was more serious than many farmers and more worthy of the title of farmer.

Pinkerton avocado in fujingzhou orchard has a bumper harvest this year. (Photography/Yang Yuyun)

Fu Ching-chou originally worked as a supervisor in Taipei's securities industry, chasing stock price fluctuations and helping clients accumulate wealth. In 2006, to care for his ailing elderly parents, he moved back up the hill,"taking over his father's orchard and trying to farm."

His father's orchard was originally planted with oranges, pineapples and avocados. Chuan Jingzhou felt that he could not take care of three crops at once, so he chose to concentrate on avocados. "At that time, oranges were only 3 yuan per catty, so it was not worth investing. There were too many competitors for pineapple," he said."The most important thing was that my father's avocado trees were big trees, so I couldn't bear to cut them down."

Compared with Taipei, which is bustling and convenient, the mountains are quiet at best, but in fact they are dead still. There are no cinemas, bookstores or cafes, and it took Fu Jingzhou four years to adapt. He said the biggest change was a sense of accomplishment in his work. In the past, he analyzed financial markets, stock prices, and the ups and downs of numbers put him under great pressure. Even if he helped customers earn money, he felt empty; now fruit trees will deliver concrete results, and the harvest is very real. Moreover, unlike stocks, which lost money, the fruit tree harvest was not good, and we could find ways to make up for it. It is also his achievement to make more and more variables controllable in the orchard.

From manipulating stock prices to caring about avocado auction prices

Fu Ching-chou says that it took him seven or eight years to say anything about avocado planting. He is especially grateful to Cai Huiwen, a researcher at the Chiayi branch of the Agricultural Research Institute, and Ni Hui-fang, director of the Department of Plant Protection, for their assistance to beginners. His avocado orchard covers about 1.5 hectares. The main products are black beauty, red heart round and Jia Xuan 2. Because of the shortage of manpower, his avocados are directly handled by professional avocados dealers, and only when the dealers can not handle them will they be transferred to the auction market.

Perhaps there is still a "residual poison" left in his bones when he worked in the securities industry. Fu Jingzhou once selected two new varieties of avocado, just as he liked to challenge "new stocks" before. When the general price of fruit seedlings is 90 yuan, the fruit seedlings of the new variety Jialin No.1 will cost 200 yuan. He is optimistic about this early-growing variety (that is, earlier than the season when ordinary avocado can be harvested) and bought 50 seedlings at a time. However, due to lack of judgment criteria, the first fruit was harvested too early, all of which were dumb fruits (referring to avocado can not be soft ripened); the next year, in heavy rain, the fruits were all rotten. Adding in the fact that the fruit would only be produced after three years of planting, he wasted five years on Garin No. 1, which was completely worth it.

Later, Fu Jingzhou tried to plant Tainong 1 (red sweet) again, thinking that the price of the new variety would be better. After planting for 7 years, he may be the farmer with the largest production of red sweet in Taiwan, but the price of this avocado has no special advantage. Fu Jingzhou said that his black beauty was properly taken care of, and the price of a catty was hundreds of yuan; in addition, the quality of the red heart circle was also very good. He finally realized that when fruit growers do not have to chase new varieties, as long as the good varieties, avocado "evergreen shares" to protect well, there will be good harvest.

Because he was confident in the quality of his avocado, Fu Jingzhou often inquired about the auction price of avocado. Only when his price fell to the high end would he be satisfied with the results. He said he had spent a lot of time studying the characteristics of avocado varieties, and was very emotional about this crop that made him proud of his life, so he especially hated sick fruit trees.

Avocado is a shallow-rooted crop, easily infected with blight, the simpler way is to cut down and start over, but Fu Jingzhou always tries his best to save sick fruit trees, its success in bringing back the dead is unparalleled. So far, the "farmer" is also true!