Remedial Measures for Sugarcane Herbicide Phytotoxicity

Published: 2024-02-23 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/02/23, Remedial Measures for Sugarcane Herbicide Phytotoxicity

In the process of sugarcane planting, grass shortage will seriously affect the growth and development of sugarcane, so it is necessary to spray herbicides to control weeds, but once the herbicides are not used properly, drug damage will occur. So how to remedy the drug damage caused by sugarcane herbicides? Let's get to know it with the editor.

1. Rinse with clean water

When sugarcane seedlings are damaged by excessive herbicide spraying, clean sprayers should be put into clean water in time, and the damaged plants should be sprayed for 3-5 times, so as to remove or reduce crop herbicide residues. For some herbicides that are easy to decompose in the presence of alkaline substances, 0.2% quicklime or 0.2% sodium carbonate water diluent can be used to wash crops, and the effect is better. For the land where drug damage occurs, in addition to foliar spraying, it can also irrigate enough water to promote root water absorption and reduce drug residues in crops, so as to achieve a good mitigation effect. As for the fields where soil pesticides are applied, the fields should be irrigated and washed as soon as possible, so that the drugs can be discharged out of the field with water, and neutralizers should be sprinkled at the same time to reduce the drug damage.

2. Topdressing available fertilizer

According to the growing season of sugarcane and its demand for fertilizer, the amount of topdressing should be increased appropriately, combined with watering and applying quick-acting fertilizer, in addition to soil topdressing, low concentration of urea or potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution should also be sprayed on the leaves, which has a significant effect on the growth and development of sugarcane, improving disease resistance and drug resistance.

3. Ploughing and loosening the soil

In the growing season of sugarcane, the times of loosening soil should be appropriately increased, from shallow to deep, soil consolidation should be broken, soil permeability should be increased, soil temperature should be increased, soil beneficial microorganism activity should be promoted, soil nutrient decomposition should be accelerated, root system should enhance nutrient and water absorption, and plant growth and development should be restored as soon as possible.

4. Spraying growth regulator

After the occurrence of drug damage, the gibberellin diluent of 20 mg / kg per mu can be 40-50 kg per mu, which can be evenly sprayed on the front and back of crop leaves after the dew dries in the morning or in the evening, which can also have a good effect. promote the rapid growth of crops.

The above is the introduction of sugarcane herbicide remedial measures, hope to help you, want to know more related knowledge, please follow us.