This paper introduces the processing technology of two kinds of fig products.

Published: 2024-07-23 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/07/23, This paper introduces the processing technology of two kinds of fig products.

(1) fig powder

① production process: raw material selection → raw material to solve, extract juice → excessive concern, respond to → concentration → spray dryer → cooling → package.

Key points of ② processing technology: raw material selection: use 6-7 to improve the new dried figs or dried figs. Raw material solution and juice extraction: wash the raw material neatly, add 1kg fruit according to 1kg water, or add 5 kg water to dried 1kg fruit, put it into a stainless steel pot, heat to 85 ℃ 90 min, maintain 20-30 minutes, then stop heating and let it stand for 24 hours to extract juice. Over-worry and response: worry is carried out through the microporous filter, followed by natural response or enzyme response. Concentration; superheated steam concentration and vacuum pump concentration can be selected. Superheated steam concentration, concentrated in a stainless steel plate two-layer pot, heating steam working pressure of 2.5 kg / cubic centimeter. Pay attention to mixing in the whole process of concentration, accelerate water volatilization, avoid coking plants, concentrate so that the solid material to achieve 28%, each concentration is not suitable for too much, 40 minutes at a time. Vacuum pump concentration, in the relief of pressure, lower temperature concentration. Heating, saturated steam pressure 1.5kg / cm3, temperature 50 ℃. Spray dryer: spray dryer for fig concentrated juice with pressure spray equipment, feed temperature 50 ℃ 60 ℃, high pressure water pump pressure 180KG/ cubic cm, dry modifier dextrin powder 0.5%, air supply temperature 120 ℃, air inlet temperature 75 Mel 78 cm. Cooling and packaging: the dried fig powder is cooled quickly, followed by packaging and sealing.

(2) fig jam

① production process: fruit → cleaning → softening → beating → preparation → concentrated → canning → sterilization → cooling.

The key point of ② processing technology: raw materials: sufficient and perfect fruits should be selected, which can increase the production of jam and make it taste strong. Softening and beating: in order to facilitate beating and avoid browning of jam, it is necessary to soften fig raw materials. The way is to pour a small amount of fruit into boiling water, the water contains appropriate compound color protection agent, boil for ten minutes, make the fruit crisp and rotten, but also achieve the actual effect of protecting color and killing enzymes. Soft figs can be poured into the colloid mill to beat. A small amount of water should be used when beating, which is beneficial to the fluidity of the pulp. Preparation and concentration: pour the ground jam into a cooking pot or vacuum pump concentrator, add sugar oars with a prepared concentration of 80%, and heat up and concentrate. In order to improve the glossiness of the sauce and reduce the concentration time, an appropriate amount of emulsifier can be added. When the sauce is concentrated to hang slices or soluble solids up to 45%-50%, add appropriate amount of sodium citrate and other condiments, mix and melt, and then out of the pot. Canning: put the jam into a glass bottle that has been cleaned, sterilized and sterilized while it is hot (not less than 60 ℃) and seal immediately. It can also be packed in plastic film cooking bags. Sterilization cooling: 100 ℃ water bath superheated steam sterilization for ten minutes, then cooling in stages.