What are the cultivation techniques on how to improve the yield of golden fruit?

Published: 2024-07-23 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/07/23, What are the cultivation techniques on how to improve the yield of golden fruit?

Golden fruit alias milk eggplant, eggplant standing herbs, stems covered with short soft hairs and flat spines, branches with nodular hairs, glandular hairs and flat spines, wax yellow, bright, beautiful fruit, with high appreciation and efficacy and function. It is suitable for the growth of warm and rich natural environment. So what are the planting techniques that must be paid attention to in order to increase golden fruit production? Let's go and have a look next.

1. site selection and ploughing

The golden fruit has a strong ability to grow and work. Although it is said that everything can grow normally in all kinds of soil, we still have to choose soft, bright and normal soil when planting. Only in this way can we ensure that the golden fruit grows normally, and the golden fruit does not set a large PH value for the soil. But it will vary with the change of planting area. For example, it is acidic in the south of China and slightly alkaline in the north, and the previous crops in the soil cannot be eggplant crops. Avoid causing continuous cropping diseases, prevent harming the growth of golden fruits, and protect their own economic benefits of planting.

2. Sowing moderately

Most of the planting techniques of golden fruit are dominated by sowing. After the fruit is perfect, the fruit with round and juicy, smooth and beautiful surface and disease-free fruit is selected to remove the fruit. Then use cold water to clean the fish, clean the remaining melon pulp and mucus neatly, then blow-dry it, and store it in a dry and naturally ventilated area. Then sowing is carried out from March to April, the sowing is not too deep, its deep layer can not exceed the 1cm, because the top * working ability of the golden fruit is very poor. If it is too deep to sprout, keep the soil wet after sowing. In the shading work of seedling emergence, when the sun slowly increases with the growth, when the seedlings grow to about 16 cm, they can just start transplanting.

3. Methods of fertilizer and water management.

Golden fruit likes liquid fertilizer, so it is very important to manage fertilizer and water in the whole process of golden fruit growth. In the case of the golden fruit growing period, it is necessary to top fertilize every ten days or so. Then, in the case of the bud stage of the plant, it was dominated by phosphorus and potassium fertilizer to show sufficient nutrients and improve the seed yield. It is possible to maintain soil moisture in spring and appropriately manipulate irrigation to avoid reducing soil temperature and causing harm to the growth of golden fruits. Appropriately cover the agricultural plastic film to promote the digestion and absorption of nutrients in the roots. Then it should be irrigated immediately after entering the growing period, especially in autumn and winter.

4. Cultivation techniques

The growth of golden fruit is more sensitive to the change of temperature, and the most suitable temperature in the growing period is about 20 degrees. In the case of flowering and fruiting period, the temperature manipulation should be raised to about 25-30 degrees. Then do a good job in winter management methods, in the case of winter to ensure that the temperature of the greenhouse is not less than 10 degrees. In addition, in order to manipulate the temperature, we should also do a good job in pruning according to the golden fruit plant, when the plant grows to about 35 centimeters, appropriately peel off the top, promote the growth of branches and improve the fruit rate. Then remove the unnecessary young leaves and preserve the appropriate branches to enhance the ornamental quality of the golden fruit plant.

Generally speaking, the planting technique of golden fruit is still very simple, and the prevalence rate of disease is low. But it is still necessary for farmers to do a good job in cultivation techniques, and to understand that the key to golden fruit is not to take the lead, can not take too much, what doubts warmly welcome comments on the message board.