Symptoms and control measures of passion fruit virus disease

Published: 2024-07-23 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/07/23, Symptoms and control measures of passion fruit virus disease

Passion fruit price is not expensive, and now it is also very popular with many customers, and in the whole process of planting passion fruit, passion fruit virus disease is a disease that makes many farmers feel headache, so what are the symptoms of passion fruit virus disease? How do you know?

Symptoms of Passion Fruit Virus Disease

The main characteristics of leaves are roughly the following three types:

(1)Rugged type. Light and light yellow patterns appear, leaves are folded into abnormal shapes, leaf shapes are distorted, and surface layers are uneven;

(2)Thickened type. Dark and dark yellow spots appear, leaves thickened, whorled and thick and hard;

(3)Curled leaf type. Appear light yellow pattern, blade edge with main vein as management center inward curl, leaf stem into obtuse angle. The fruit is small and abnormal, hard bottom, thick exocarp and small fruit cavity.

II. Control strategy of passion fruit virus disease

1. Selection of disease-free seedlings, soil disinfection before transplanting, virus high incidence areas, the proposal a year.

2. Try to reduce interplanting, very unnecessary with solanaceae, melon vegetables interplanting, very easy to cause virus disease.

3. When the virus disease or suspected virus disease is detected at the seedling stage, it is firmly pulled out to prevent greater damage.

4. Effective fertilizer. Raise the roots well, promote the growth and development of plants, and enhance the resistance of trees. During fruiting period, fertilizer and water management methods should be improved, especially potassium fertilizer and organic fertilizer. In addition, leaf fertilizer containing boron and magnesium should be applied. Poor fertilization and lack of boron will also cause fruit deformity.

5. Control aphids, whiteflies, mites and other transmission media, budworm can use high chlorthiamethoxam/imidacloprid; mite damage can use spirodiclofen, etoxazole, tetrafenuron, etoxazuron and so on.

6. Scientific research pruning, lateral buds can not be cut with scissors, should be in the lateral buds grow 3-5 cm when the hand pinch. When pruning branches, pay attention to disinfection of scissors to reduce mutual infection among plants.

7. Leaf spray. Passion fruit virus disease early, block pathogen invasion, very good to prevent bacteria, germs, viruses and so on. Promote the development of crop rhizomes and strong plants.

In summary, all the contents related to the prevention and control of passion fruit virus diseases are for reference. Passion fruit actually has a variety of diseases, so growers should improve their prevention concepts.