How can strawberry planting increase sugar content? We should pay attention to management in many aspects.

Published: 2024-07-23 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/07/23, How can strawberry planting increase sugar content? We should pay attention to management in many aspects.

It is firmly believed that farmers who have grown strawberries will always have a good grasp of strawberry sugar. In addition to its own factors such as the type of strawberry sugar, it is also closely related to the management methods of light, temperature and so on. Therefore, if strawberry planting wants to increase the sugar content, many aspects need to pay attention to good management methods. Next, the online editor will talk to everyone about the management methods at these many levels.

First, keep steady light for strawberries

1. Even if it is a continuous rainy day, if the temperature is not very low at noon, you should unremittingly uncover the grass and promote the plant to accept diffuse light.

two。 Keep the greenhouse film clean and tidy, easy to improve the light.

3. The road surface is paved with silver gray film or reflective screen to improve the light compressive intensity between strawberry plants.

4. There is a standard to install a special green plant flash in the strawberry greenhouse.

Second, enlarge the temperature difference between day and night in strawberry fields.

1. During the fruiting period of strawberries, we should pay attention to reduce the night temperature as much as possible, enlarge the temperature difference between day and night, and increase the accumulation of strawberry nutrients while maintaining all the normal growth and development of strawberries.

two。 Encounter rainy days or snowy days and other extreme weather should not blindly follow the wind insulation, maintain an effective temperature, daily magnification of the temperature difference.

Third, moderate manipulation of strawberry * soil moisture

During the strawberry harvest, drain the water moderately to increase the fruit saturation and sugar content. The irrigation rate should be properly controlled in the second half of the improvement of strawberry fruit.

Strawberry leaves and fruits must be effective

1. Strawberries must be relaxed when picking leaves, not too many leaves.

two。 The 100-fruit period should be based on the rising trend of plants and leaves to decide whether to remove it or not, and the proportion of leaves and fruits must be moderate.

5. Effective use of chemical fertilizer for strawberries

1. Manipulate the application of base fertilizer, otherwise it is disadvantageous to sweeten strawberries.

two。 On the basis of adequate application of organic fertilizer, we attach great importance to the omni-directional supply of medium nutrient fertilizer.

3. During the fruiting period of strawberries, paying attention to filling potash fertilizer has a certain practical effect on improving the sugar content of strawberries.

That is to say, some management measures on how to improve the sugar content of strawberries are introduced in detail.