How much is a month for retired teachers in rural areas by 2020?

Published: 2024-07-13 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/07/13, How much is a month for retired teachers in rural areas by 2020?

In the past, rural standards were not very good, and many people were reluctant to come, but some people wanted to develop rural culture and education and wanted to stay in rural and mountainous areas to support education. nowadays, the salaries of many rural teachers have often been raised, so how much does it cost 2020 rural retired teachers a month? Let's master it together.

Employees who sign up for basic social endowment insurance must achieve the retirement age required by the state and the province. All normal retirement: men over 60 years old, women over 50 years old (long-term female workers in management methods and technical positions over 55 years of age). The money that retired teachers in rural areas can receive in a month is that the salary before retirement is multiplied by 0.8, which is mostly the amount of pension. Therefore, the retirement salary has a lot to do with the salary composition of teachers. Teachers usually receive a certain amount of salary, but this amount is made up of many parts. When teachers retire, many of them will be depleted when they are gone. There are three types of actual wear and tear:

1. Provident fund

It is a kind of hidden welfare for the team of teachers, in which the same amount of capital is injected by employees and enterprises into the personal provident fund for employees to buy houses, rent houses and other new items of clothing, food, housing and transportation. Although it cannot be used 100% for rural teachers, a large amount of money can be recovered after retirement, and there will continue to be a small amount of loan interest, which is equal to a deposit period. But this benefit night is limited to working people.

2. Pay for performance

One of the salaries earned by in-service teachers is to reward employees with performance pay for outstanding performance. Teachers are unlikely to stay in the original position again after retirement, and there is no major performance of the job, so there is no performance pay since the effective date of resignation, and the general performance pay is about 600 yuan a month.

3. Rural subsidy

It is a unique welfare for rural teachers, and it is also counted as a small preferential treatment given by the state to rural teachers. According to the distance between counties, the least is 1000 diversification, and the larger one is 100 diversification. But even with the help of subsidies from work, it is normal not to get it after retirement.

As a result, the salary of teachers after retirement is at least 1000-2000 yuan less than that at work. According to statistics, an ordinary high school teacher has retired for more than ten years. At this stage, the old-age insurance is about 6000 yuan per month. In a small county, wages belong to the upper-middle class.

In fact, a large level of pension has a lot to do with the amount and time limit of social insurance that employees need to pay when they are on the job, because the proportion of social endowment insurance for each employee is different, coupled with the fact that the current policy often changes every year, so there can be no doubt about how much money there is each month, there are differences between the north and the south and their current policies.

But as a teacher, the salary after retirement is OK. All in all, coaching is a position that does not earn a lot of money, but it should not be poor. The basic life is absolutely guaranteed. If you don't have a serious illness after retirement, you can certainly have no doubt that your quality of life is not vulnerable.