Can you build orchards in the mountains? What are the pros and cons?

Published: 2024-07-23 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/07/23, Can you build orchards in the mountains? What are the pros and cons?

Now more and more people are planting peach trees, so if you want to plant peach trees, the most important thing is to choose a good place to build orchards. Generally speaking, in order to build an orchard, in the selection of garden site, we must select the flat land with excellent ecological conditions, ecological environment standards and sustainable production. But in fact, there are not so many good flat land can be selected, many farmers are selected to build orchards in the mountains, then what are the advantages and disadvantages?

1. Good lighting

The mountains are relatively inclined to a certain extent. If orchards are built in this place, the light needs to be stronger, and the harm between them is not very big. This is very similar to the trapezoidal seats that people usually go to the theater to see. In addition, such places also have a relatively large temperature difference in the morning and at night. Everyone knows that the fruits grown in such places with large temperature differences are generally very delicious.

In addition to the good light, the natural ventilation of such places is generally very good. The fruits are not only delicious but also very beautiful.

2. The drainage pipeline is good

If orchards are built on the mountain, the drainage pipeline will be better. For example, if it rains continuously, most of the soil will not have water storage problems. If there is water storage, most of them will slip away. In that way, the oxygen content of the soil will be relatively high, which is beneficial to the growth and development of peach roots.

3, suitable for different types

If you build orchards in the mountains, the altitude is also different. In that case, you can plant several kinds of varieties, which is still very, very good. In that case, the fruit can be more competitive.

4. * Different layers

If nature builds orchards on the edge of mountains, there are also some insufficient places. For example, in some places, the * layer will be thicker, and in other places, the * layer will be thinner. * The thin layer will be worse at the layer of water and soil, and the growth and development of fruits will be endangered.

In addition, there are some complicated physiognomy levels in such places. Relatively speaking, there are some inconvenience in updating and reconstruction. In addition, transportation will not be very convenient.

Above is the analysis of the pros and cons of building orchards in mountainous areas. To sum up, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. What can be considered, after all, there are not so many good flat areas for us to choose.