Introduction of common rose varieties

Published: 2024-06-24 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/24, Introduction of common rose varieties

Rose is no stranger to us, but when it comes to rose varieties, you can name a few. Here is the introduction of rose varieties.

Introduction of common rose varieties

The main types of rose flowers are edible rose, rattan rose, large flower perfume rose, abundant flower rose, miniature rose, tree-shaped rose, strong flower rose, shrub rose, ground cover rose and so on. Today we will only introduce a few of them to you.

1. Big flower perfume rose

There are many varieties, which is the main part of modern rose. It is characterized by strong plants, single or group flowers, large flowers, elegant and beautiful flowers, numerous bright colors, fragrant smell and strong ornamental.

White: there are Ting Walter, Kennedy, Wedding White, Tanick), White Christmas, White Wine and so on.

Yellow: there are Golden Phoenix, Ohio Gold, Gold Medal, Rhine Gold, etc.

Red: there are red fans, stars, Cato cards, Han Qian, Olympic Games, Xiangyun and so on.

Blue: blue moon, sapphire, blue ribbon, blue flowers, blue perfume, blue river, heaven and so on.

Black and red: Mr. Lincoln, samurai, big purple light, black whirlwind, porphyry, black pearl, Zhu Mo Shuanghui and so on.

Green: green star, green calyx.

Orange: there is Jesta. Joey, Quintley, Taurus, Mahina, Grand Medal, etc.

Pink: there are pink fan, pink peace, first-class miss, Tang Hong and so on.

Complex colors: peace, Chicago Peace, Red double Happiness, the hometown of Greece, Meilang Capriccio, floats and so on.

2. Fujimoto rose

Rattan rose, a rookie of the subfamily Rosaceae, is a rattan shrub with tall plants. The flower color is bright, unrestrained, the florescence is long, the aroma is rich. There are scarlet, bright red, bright red, pink, golden yellow, orange yellow, complex color, pure white and so on.

Red series: Royal carriage, reading desk, Uncle Walter, Orange Flame, Queen scarlet, Chang'e running to the moon, summer camp, Mozart and so on.

Yellow: spectrum, jubilation, Changhong, golden sunshine, king of light, etc.

Pink: blue Moon, Parade, Angela, etc.

White system: Baihe, rattan green clouds.

Complex color system: Longsha gem, flower fairy, rattan color cloud, flying tiger, flower soul, rattan electronic watch, purple robe jade belt and so on.

Orange: Kun Teng, Western Land, Sweet Dream, Creek, etc.

3. Fenghua rose

The main varieties of icebergs are pure white, sun flame, bright yellow, gold and Mary orange, apricot flower village, pink, fire king, orange flowers.

4. Miniature rose

The new variety of rose family, its plant type is short, spherical, many flower heads, because of its unique character, also known as "diamond rose". It is mainly used for potted ornamental plants, decorating lawns and arranging patterns.

5. Tree rose

Tree-shaped rose, also known as rose tree, rose tree, it is through more than two grafting means to achieve the standard upright trunk, crown.

That's all for the introduction of rose varieties today. I hope the above content can be explained to everyone!