What is the small blue coat, the breeding methods and matters needing attention of the succulent plant

Published: 2024-07-23 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/07/23, Little Blue, a small succulent plant, many flower lovers' first impression of it is "cute". So how should we raise this cute little blue dress?

Little Blue, a small succulent plant, many flower lovers' first impression of it is "cute". So how should we raise this cute little blue dress? Let's read on together.

The basic knowledge of Little Blue clothes

Small blue plants are lotus-shaped, very mini, easy to grow lateral branches and form groups. Leaves, annular, oblanceolate, pointed, fleshy, fleshy and plump, with sparse fine white hairs on the leaf tip and both sides of the leaf tip, and sometimes a little white hair on the dorsal ridge of the leaf, the leaf color is mostly bluish blue, or green, and the new leaves are sometimes grayish green. Under sufficient light or when the temperature difference increases, the leaf tip will appear beautiful red, some leaves will change to purple or brown purple, the leaf surface will also be light white powder.

Small blue flowering in late spring and early summer, Cymes, pedicels purple, flowers 5 petals, red, petal tip yellow, pedicels, leaves on pedicels and calyx all have fine hairs.

The Culture method of Little Blue clothes

In fact, the cultivation of Xiaolanyi is similar to that of other succulent plants of the genus Elaeagnus in Sedum family. Small blue clothes, like light, like dry and cool, not resistant to muggy and humid. Spring and autumn are the growing season, which can be maintained outdoors and receive all-day sunshine.

High temperature in summer: dormancy occurs, and measures such as ventilation, shading and water control need to be taken at this time. For example, if the basin soil is dry, a small amount of water can be supplied along the edge of the basin to prevent plants from drying up due to excessive dryness, and small plants should especially prevent rainstorm showers. At the same time, it is necessary to avoid stagnant water in the basin soil. Spending summer is a test, so we should pay more attention and careful observation.

Winter: it is still recommended to maintain the plants outdoors, so that the plants are fully illuminated and easier to get out of the state. In case of severe freezing or heavy snow, they can be temporarily moved to indoor maintenance. When the temperature is below zero, the basin soil should be kept dry. The medium can choose special soil for high-quality succulent plants sold in the market.

The propagation methods of Little Blue are sowing, ramet and cutting. Ramets are generally used to reproduce.