Wuhan Hospital Iron Tree Blooming Result Was Instantly Frightened by the Gardener Master

Published: 2024-07-23 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/07/23, The iron tree blooms. What's next? Dumb talk. As the saying goes: "Iron tree flowering, dumb speech" shows that iron tree flowering is not easy iron tree flowering often irregular, and not easy to see flowering, so there is a "millennium iron tree flowering" saying and...

The master worked as a gardener in Wuhan Yangtze River Shipping General Hospital for more than 40 years. Recently, the iron tree he planted at the gate of the hospital blossomed and bore more than 400 fruits. Unexpectedly, when the fruit was ripe, more than 30 were picked by passers-by. When the master warned everyone not to eat, because the iron tree seed is poisonous, he has tested it before, and it will cause nausea and vomiting.

The iron tree blossoms, what's the next sentence?

The mute speaks.

As the saying goes, "the iron tree blossoms and the mute speaks."

It shows that it is not easy for iron trees to blossom.

Iron trees often bloom irregularly, and it is not easy to see them bloom.

Therefore, there is the saying that "the iron tree blossoms for a thousand years".

On the other hand, the fruit of iron tree is even rarer.

Today, the flower friend @ suddenly

A wave of "Phoenix eggs" was posted in the group of flower friends in Wuhan.

Instantly attracted everyone's attention.

It's nothing to blossom, this iron tree has borne fruit!

Source of △ pictures: @ suddenly

Editor, what do you mean, the quoted Phoenix egg is God Ma Dongdong in the end?

Iron trees usually blossom from July to August. Dioecious plants with flowers blooming at the top of the stem. The male flower is a long rod-shaped spike flower composed of many microspore leaves; the female flower is composed of a cluster of broad ovate scattered carpels with light brown or yellowish gray tomentose on the surface and 1 Mel 3 embryo balls on each side of the carpels.

The seeds of Tieshu mature in October (just when they are mature). The seeds are round and bright red, like a small red egg, known as "Phoenix egg".

Is the result of the iron tree rare?

It is understood that it is rare for iron trees to blossom and bear fruit, but in recent years, people everywhere have reflected and seen them blossom and bear fruit. So what's the truth?

According to garden experts, female flowers can bear fruit when they are pollinated by male flowers. However, it is true that "iron tree fruiting" is less common than "iron tree blooming", because the male and female flowers bloom at different times.

Round, red, can be used as medicine or edible?

Experts point out that the fruit of the iron tree contains toxic substances and cannot be eaten. After eating, it may cause nerve paralysis, induce liver tumor and spinal cord atrophy, reach a certain amount may also be fatal, can only be used in a small amount of traditional Chinese medicine, for anti-inflammation, hemostasis, phlegm and cough.

△ iron tree blossoms

Iron tree because the trunk is as hard as iron, so named iron tree, it is the most primitive seed plant on earth, because its tree age can reach 200 years, long life, in the folk symbol of good luck and longevity. Therefore, it is often used for bonsai and landscaping.

Although it is rare for iron trees to blossom and bear fruit, it is common to see male and female iron trees blossom in parks in Wuhan in early summer.

In the golden autumn, the iron tree flowers shaped like a "bird's nest" hatched red eggs. Orange fruit, shaped like Chinese chestnut, knocked hard, peeled off the shell, the flesh is white, there is a faint smell.

Wen Xin wakes up


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