Attention should be paid to water control for succulent plants during dormant period (winter and summer)

Published: 2024-02-23 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/02/23, Many friends will choose to cultivate succulent plants because of the lovely appearance of succulent plants, so novices will go to experienced flower friends to learn how to cultivate succulent plants. But most of the time, they will see the word "succulent control water", they do not understand that it is

Many friends will choose to grow meat because of the cute shape of succulent plants, so novices will go to senior flower friends to learn how to grow meat. But they often see the word "meat control water", they do not understand what it means, do not understand why meat control water? In order to solve this problem, Xiaobian will explain to you today what meat control is!

What does water control mean:

Meaty water control means to reduce watering, here flower friends need to pay attention to, is to reduce rather than not watering, for example: a variety of succulent plants in the growth period every three days watering, then water control means not only watering frequency to reduce, watering amount also to reduce.

Why Water Control:

More meat water control is mostly carried out in winter or summer (that is, dormancy period, because more meat winter type and summer type of their growth period is different, so the water control time is also the same), back to business, more meat water control is one in dormancy period plant biological activity reduced, water demand reduced; Second, can prevent black rot (in high temperature, sufficient moisture, black rot is easy to spread).

How to properly understand water control:

Meaty water control is purposeful, just as the second paragraph explained, flower friends should be carried out according to their own actual situation, but not blindly according to the network article, because different regional climates, flower friends use different utensils, planting meaty medium is also different, thus leading to different periods of water volatilization in the basin, if blindly according to the theory, the command is counterproductive.

In most cases, if you need to control water, flower friends can reduce the number of watering times, see the soil dry, give a little water along the edge of the pot, let the pot soil keep dry but some moisture state, so that more meat will not dry to death.