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Published: 2024-07-23 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/07/23, Echeveria Minas, a succulent succulent plant of the genus Paracelothrix of the family Crassulaceae, was first introduced from Korea. Minas is medium-sized and fleshy, with typical lotus-like plants. Impeller, thin flesh, small wrinkles or wavy edges, like lace flowers

Echeveria Minas is a succulent and succulent plant of the family crassulaceae, which was first introduced from Korea. Minas is a medium-sized succulent plant with a typical lotus shape. Verticillate, fleshy, with small wrinkles or wavy edges, like lace. The leaf is spoon-shaped, but the leaf shape will change greatly in different periods of growth. So, how to maintain Minas in daily life? Next, the editor will take you to have a look.

How to raise Minas succulent plants

Minas, spring and autumn type, dormant in summer, but not so obvious. It is strong in nature and easy to cultivate. Like sufficient light, cool and dry growth environment, the appropriate temperature for growth of 20-30 degrees Celsius, the growing season can be full-day sunshine. The more the leaves are insolated, the more wrinkled and brighter the leaves are, and the stronger the flavor is. However, sunscreen, sunshade, ventilation and controlled watering should be needed at the height of summer. Outdoor maintenance is still available in winter, and if extreme weather occurs, it can be temporarily moved to indoor maintenance.

It is appropriate to plant soil with looseness, air permeability and good drainage.

Watering, depending on the actual situation, still carries out the principle of "no dry, no watering, watering thoroughly".

Propagation, generally using ramet, leaf insertion. The plant is easy to grow lateral buds and form groups, which provides convenience for ramet, although the leaves are thinner, but the survival rate of leaf insertion is higher.

In seedlings, the leaves are wider and the edges are easy to roll; in adulthood, the leaves are longer and narrower, with narrow bases and sharp tips. The color of the leaves is also more varied: in spring and summer, grass green, red edges; autumn and winter, dark green or purple, orange, scarlet or rose edges and halos on the leaves, some whole leaves become red, charming colors, forming a strong visual impact.

Summer flowering, raceme, pedicel 25-45cm long, flowers neatly arranged on the upper side of the pedicel, calyx 4, lanceolate, pink, grayish purple or turquoise, petals 5-lobed, salmon red, pedicel bent downward, beautiful, chic, charming.

Minas succulent pictures